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Mind Your Manor

By Jon Schubbe - Leave the kingdom and start your own.


Mind Your Manor Description

The King's laws are getting out of hand so you decide to leave the kingdom. So you board your ship and leave. This adventure is divided into 3 stages or levels. The first task is to get across the water without being caught by the pirates. The second stage is all about building a defense on the coast to guard yourself from the King's incoming ships to make time for the third task. The final task is to build your manor or kingdom and defend against the King's army. To perform each task, you must place each of the objects onto the earth, water or land. But for each object to fulfill their individual tasks, they require other objects and certain upgrades or levels from those other objects (place the objects in order). Some options or objects aren't so logical and you will need to do a few test runs before seeing what object needs what level up from other objects. This in turn tells you the requirements for each level up and therefore tells you the order in which you place the objects or use these options.