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Mardek Chapter 2

By Fig Hunter - Mardek and Deugan's quest continues.

Mardek Chapter 2 Description

Its been eight years since Mardek and Deugan went on the quest to explore the star that had fallen from the sky The peculiar entity that calls itself Rohoph has shared Mardeks body since then but still refuses to say anything about its business on Belfan or even where it came from or who it really is Mardeks life has been pretty unremarkable for these last eight years He and his friend Deugan have been on many adventures and though they have aged the spirit of heroism and adventure never left them and they never game up on their dream of being heroes As they became old enough the two boys decided that the best way of furthering their dream of being heroes was to join the Royal Guard of Goznor These official Kings Men were wellknown as the best soldiers in the land and they served as a kind of police force who were dispatched to solve problems all over the known world Confident that theyd make brilliant Guards and get their names known while helping people and slaying monsters Mardek and Deugan applied as recruits Things have been going extremely well so far but their final test is today they must prove their worth and with this real mission is to be admitted as honorary members of the Guard