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Mafia Trick & Blood 2 Game

By Poco Games - Mafia game to control the city.

Mafia Trick & Blood 2 Game Description

You are a leader in the corporate world, and within a city that works round the clock and sleepless people roaming its streets. Adventures never come easy and involve dangers in a town full of a rowdy crowd. Becoming a godfather to this city is one thing, but how do you hold the attention of mafia bosses around you will test your management style without letting your reputation being affected. This game will give you all the adrenaline you need to live the life of a mafia boss, High-speed chases, and gang war style shootouts in the streets. Look out for those spies and traitors in your inner circles, as you drive those shine and super fast and furious cars. Be the boss and show this city that only one lion can rule!

Game Features:

  1. Big city
  2. Territory and business control
  3. Gun shop, with tons of firearms
  4. Shop with a large selection of vehicles
  5. The exciting plot of the life of a gangster
  6. Aesthetics of the mid-20th century
  7. Time trial, survival chase


  1. wasd = move
  2. mouse = shoot
  3. 1 2 = weapons
  4. e = interaction
  5. space = jump
  6. p = pause
  7. v = camera