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Mafia Trick and Blood Action Game

By Poco Games - A good man gangster game.

Mafia Trick and Blood Action Game Description

Be bob the gangster who returns from his army unit and in the past lived a charming and colorful life of a gangster. Brox is where you have lived all your life, and you find an old mate who has moved up into the world of criminals. In your absence, he ventured into the drug business and wants ropes you into his world by offering you a fair share of his market. Cars and the fascinating life after the war attracts you, your friend loves you by his side, and you help him get around to increase his business avoiding not only the law but other gangs as well. It is not at all east remember to watch your rear because the enemy can strike from any side. This game will test your wit and ability to maneuver through situations which will involve police and gangs, be very attentive as you move through city streets because controlling downtown is not at all easy!!

  • 3D third-person shooter. Mad Gangster Shooter
  • Atmosphere of the late 40s - early 50s
  • You can save your progress

How To Control Mafia Trick & Blood

wasd = move
mouse = shoot
1 2 = weapons
space = jump
e = interaction
p = pause