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Mad Zombies Town Sandbox

By Poco Games - Horror zombie death game .

Mad Zombies Town Sandbox Description

A city is full of death and walking corpses (zombies). What do you do? Hanging limbs and headless bodies walking all around you, troops need your help to clean up this mess. Live a life of a soider in this horror game and use advanced weapons to blast your enemies, you are in downtown filled with enemies in excessive numbers, your startup weapon is a gun, and you build up your arsenal as you move forward in the game. Using a car to drive through this jungle of zombies will be a huge help but remember you need to have a tank full of gas and that blood on the windshield is not gas so be on a lookout for cans of gasoline. Survival is critical in this zombie feast.

Controls To Navigate through Mad Zombies Town Sandbox

  • wasd
  • mouse
  • space = jump
  • shift = run
  • 1-7 = weapons
  • r = reload
  • n = night vison
  • f = interaction
  • p = pause