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Kick The Block

By Alexander Khilik - Kick out the red blocks and save the green blocks.


Kick The Block Description

Cut wooden objects to kick out the red blocks outside of the screen and save the green blocks inside.

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Oct 16 2018 7:16 PM

mix of splitter andred remover...seen it all before @lemay2001 ...congratulations, youre a follower because you just HAVE to say first comment...thats getting so old. FFUUCCKKEEEEERRR


Oct 18 2018 9:00 PM

games not horrible at first but then it just gets annoying so dont bother


Oct 19 2018 6:50 PM

lemay your the perfect example of someone who has no life..waiting until 12:00 am (at night) and then posting first comment fucckkkkersss anyway i don't like the game gets really boreing the muisc gets annoying i give it 2/5

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