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Invasion of the Halloween Monsters

By DeadToast Entertainment - Help Dr. Schwartz stop the monsters.

Invasion of the Halloween Monsters Description

Oh no The Halloweenmonsters have come to steal all of the Halloweencandy Now it is up to you the good hearted DrSchwartz to try to stop them and bring back as much of the stolen Halloweencandy as possible The only way to kill these Halloween monsters is by pure force So Dr Schwartz invented a gravity gun to take care of the monsters once and for all The gravity gun affects the monsters in different ways Zombies are too strong to get affected by things thrown at them In order to deal with zombies you need to pull off its head and throw it to the ground You also can take the zombies arm to use it as a weapon The best way of dealing with a devil is by lifting I t up and throwing it straight to the ground They can also be thrown straight at another enemy in order to deal with both of them To kill bats just throw anything at them to make them fall to the ground All of the monsters are carrying pieces of candy In order to take their candy you have to eliminate them Once youve collected enough candy the level will increase If youre lucky some of the monsters will drop health potions Pick these up to increase your health