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Huje Tower 2

By Bboygames - Help the hujos feed their friend Emos.


Huje Tower 2 Description

A long, long time ago hujos tried to reach the top of the world. When they done that, they saw nothing interesting there and decided that was a stupid idea. Today their goal is to feed their friend Emos. To stop him sleeping.

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Oct 26 2019 10:30 AM

Meh, the game's okay... And the people who call first comment, it's best to come in the morning. Like around 7:00 to 7:30 like me. But I'm not calling first comment am I? No. Cause I'm not an a**hole.


Oct 27 2019 6:35 PM

this game is boring :P


Oct 28 2019 1:06 PM

alright then....FIRST COMMENT!! =)

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