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By Honto - Guide Hogbor to the Hamburger.


Hogbor Description

Your goal in this game is to guide Hogbor to the Hamburger at the end of each level. Use the mouse to guide Hogbor and avoid enemies, walls and traps. Use 'A' and 'S' keys to move forward and back between the different Hogbor customizations. There are 52 in total. Most of them are the same size, but some are slightly bigger in case you want a tougher challenge, and some are smaller to get through the most frustrating levels. There is a different ending for each of Hogbors. Make sure you check them all. To activate levers or switches or push things just move towards them. Red levers are normal, blue are timed so you will have to hurry and green ones require something to keep them down constantly. Skull levers activate traps.