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Heavenly Sniper

By Demantmedia - Protect all that is good in stick world.


Heavenly Sniper Description

You are a new Stickman Secret Agent sent down from the heavens to protect all that is good in stick world. Kill traitors, smokers, gang members and guards as you protect your crew, buildings and stop political assassinations

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Jun 29 2018 6:57 PM

First comment- its a good game. it has it's challange along with its fun. i hope you other people enjoy it. p.s please people don't be rude to me because i called first comment- its not a big deal


Jun 30 2018 1:01 AM

First is the worst, Second is the best! Plus I argee with you Avennah.


Jun 30 2018 2:30 PM

Third comment! I wrote a loooooooong cheat but useful! This game is very good 4/5 I finished it!!! :D


Jul 1 2018 6:16 AM

First cheat. Lvl 1, look at the bush in the park, u'll find a stickman, kill him. Lvl 2, look at the North-east side and u will find a stickman smoking, kill him. Lvl 3, look at the stickman beside the smoking one, when he will go away and take out a syringe, kill him. Lvl 4, u will find a car coming with a stickman, he will get out with a suitcase. Shoot the suitcase when he is near to that stickman wearing a white cap. Lvl 5, take out all the guards and then the stickman writing. Lvl 6, look at the trash bin, a stickman will come out of it with a knife, shoot the KNIFE. Lvl 7, wait that a stickman goes out of the building to the balcony then shoot the white thing there. Lvl 8, Take out all guards in the building and in the balcony as fast as u can,don't shoot the one out the building with that red thing!!! After u killed the guards, look at the door of the building, u will find a stickman getting out of the building, kill him. Lvl 9, three stickmen will be walking with a grey thing on the face, kill them starting with the third one in the line, then the second then the last one! Lvl 10, u will find two buildings, one at left and one at right. Look at the one at the left where there are the blue windows, u will find a stickman pointing a rifle, kill him immediatly! Then the bonus level! Shoot all the blue faces! ( SAW IT ON CHEATS)


Jul 19 2018 6:03 PM

Nice cheat heh?