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hey wuz gudy yall dis b Cup Cake im a nice person and easy 2 get along wit and boyz im single so hala at ur gurl!

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Dec 30 2008 5:38PM
Scary Girl
One foggy cold day you and your freind are at your house, no one is home but you, doors are locked. You and your friend are watching T.V. when you here glass break. You run to the door to see the window is broken and the door wide open. You shut the door to see a little girl outside your door standing. Your freind comes to see what happened, you look at your friend in back to the girl, she is gone. When you look back at your friend to see him dead on the floor, you see the little girl standing at your house again, you sprint to the police station with blood on your feet. You report to the police what had happened. A ambulence comes to bring you to the hospital, you sit on the bed as the ambulence heads to the hospital and see the little girl standing... watching... she walks to another house singing quitely, You are my sunshine.. my only sunshine... If you do not post this on your profile, this little girl will come to your house. If you post this on your profile name it Scary Girl
Dec 29 2008 2:13PM
YO WUZ GUDy im ~cup cake~ cuz im so sweet hala at me cuz ya gurl bout it!


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Mar 6 2009 8:08PM

im in luv wit my ex now rock_star
Dec 29 2008 2:17PM

wat up baby

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