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ogden, United States
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Hey, names Renee but I go by Reni! havent been on in like forever but im back :P

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Nov 17 2009 11:23PM
STUPID! SO MF STUPID! the only way i could be any stupider if i was MO trash!
Nov 15 2009 5:34AM
feeling heart broken....... :( i wish i woulda kept my mouth shut i wish i woulda never believed his stupid ass i wish i could redo everything :( but i cant *crys*
Oct 31 2009 4:51PM
my fav song eva
I've been kickin it with your girlfriend
Oh, what am I gonna do?
'Cause God knows that I really didn't mean to hurt you
I know it's bogus, but I felt that you should know the truth
I fell in love with her the moment we were introduced
And I just feel that it's time for this little secret to end
Baby, I'm kickin' it with your girlfriend
Go on and slap me again, 'cause I can understand how you feel
When a man takes you for granted and he don't keep it real
i should of been more man and told you along time ago instead of stuntin i should've broke it down and let you know girl my fault for that dont know whats on my mind and i blam myself for wastin your time believe i really tried to keep that gurl away from me but her body language kept on tempting and teasing me and plus she knew what she was doing and did it anyway i knew what she was doin to and that made it feel ok truth is that we don't even regret it up out the closet i will be the first to say
Now, I apologize for me and her, and everything that went down
These are the reasons why some girls don't bring they friends around
I just didn't know how to tell you that I was feelin' her
And how we would get away sometimes and make love
I never wanted to mislead you
At first I just wanted to please you
I know it's hard for you to be able to trust again
Cause I came between you and your best friend
I did not ask for this
It just happened outta no where since the day we kissed
And the, truth is that we don't even regret it
Up out the closet, I will be the first to say it
I'm sorry again
Never meant to hurt you
I'm sorry again
But girl I love her
I'm sorry again
I never meant to make you cry, no
Now im right out the closet
Sep 25 2009 7:46AM
Message me :( hella bored
Sep 20 2009 5:06AM
Reni's Angel
Every angel has a pair of wings
Every angels heart sings
beating to her males rhythm
but this angel was fooled by him
she thought she belonged
but truely he just copied her hearts song
he told her what she wanted to hear
but the love she thought felt wasnt there
He cheated
but her heart still beated
...for him
soon her tolerance would dull
and she'd realize for the third time
shes better without the lies,
so she'll leave
with all heart
and trust lost
she'd be fine
without ever knowing him or hearing that same lie
Sep 20 2009 12:47AM
LUKE (///_-)
Me enamoré de nuevo! Esto es una mierda tal. El me mintió! Me prometió que él ... él ... .... No puedo creer que me enamoré de sus mentiras otra vez!
Sep 19 2009 8:29PM
Dear guys,
¿Por qué los hombres estúpidos como trampa!? ¿Por qué haces daño a las niñas? ¿Por qué soy un objetivo? ¿Por qué engañar a mí? ¿Por qué te perdono? ¿Por qué haría esto a mí? ¿Qué he hecho para hacerle daño? ¿Sabes qué?? Ya he terminado.
Sep 18 2009 6:24PM
i got jumped by steph and kayla! *crys* im sooo sorrry i dont even know what i did not i hurt like hell
Sep 13 2009 11:27PM
just a sad lil emo kid today
Sep 8 2009 5:20PM
Im forbiddin from church...ok thats my rule but hey listen i see 3 rule why i shouldnt go
1. i dont believe in god
2. im not very open to others peoples religon
3. u cant go to church and look this good lol ;)


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Jul 14 2010 8:36AM

Yo Yo twinny IM stealin pplz comment virginity mwahhaha guess whos next? u >=]] XD Did u kno i own ur comment/page virginity well i do now b**** XD ? wateva it dont matter I call ur comment virginty >=]] hehehe its mine XD
▓<<<<<<<< Thats ur comment virginity!!! and luk now I have it mwahhaah
(^o^)>▓ Ivy waz here >=]]
Jun 22 2010 1:59AM

hey i miss u
Jan 1 2010 3:04AM

U don't belive in gor or jp
Oct 31 2009 11:32PM

OMG can't believe his bro scared u lol! that was funny
Oct 3 2009 8:23AM

Sep 25 2009 9:01AM

VOTE MEG or mac if u dont wanna die opps almost for got ramon :o
Sep 22 2009 10:06PM

Im da pimp you da ho
get ur stupid ass on the corner
and earn me some more dough
ur a slut i already know
ok so im tellin you to go
lol i love u my lil whore :p
Sep 21 2009 9:56PM

i love ur stupid ass even though ur a D ur an A in my book but my book doesn't count on ur fukin grades so get an A or die tryin!! love ya
Sep 21 2009 7:03PM

I can't believe you'd go to my page and say that!!!!!!!! r u ****ing crazy!!! I'm mad at you leave me alone aint you noticed im all sad im so not in the mood for ur bs leave me alone
lol jk i love you to even though your a stupid whore
Sep 20 2009 3:09PM

showin u some llove comment me back love ya
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