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Texas, United States
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I am Jerricca, some know me as Zoey. I have a baby girl who will be 3 on May 13th. uhmmm.... Idk what else to say lol. Kay, bye.

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Mar 18 2013 1:47AM
Shake My Head
I just realized I spelt my daughters last name wrong -__- This mama needs some help ahahah
Mar 18 2013 1:33AM
Areianna Maria-Santana Garcis <3
My baby girl is too crazy and cute <3 I love her little sneaky ass :)
Jun 4 2012 9:41PM
Mama's Girl
Areianna Maria-Santana Garcia

My baby girl is 2 years old as of May 13 <3
Wow time flies by fast. I cannot believe how big she has got.
Anyways sitting here with my nefus and nieces.
All 6 of these kids are acting crazy -___- some of them got School in the AM but they badasses aint going to school for the rest of the year. They're lucky they daddy love 'em. lmfao
Jan 13 2012 10:44PM
my princess <3
omg 5 more months and she'll be two :{ i wish she would STOP growing up.
I love my life, i still live with my brother and his kids and baby mama. im going to college for nursing babies. i love my baby girl sooo much and i couldnt ask for anything better! she may be a badass sometimes butt i absolutely love her crazy ass
Jul 6 2011 4:11PM
danggg niggas stop inboxing me idk yall!!! i got a daughter and im single and i aint looking for no relationship sooo booo
Jul 6 2011 4:10PM
got my 2 nefus and 3 nieces and my baby girl all sitting here sing justin bieber lmfao too cute. but these boys too baddddd baddasess
Jul 6 2011 4:03PM
swrrr im too old for this ish now. but idgaf. my baby is a year old :] going to the water park tomorrow with the fam, then friday to cedar point. Darryl and his kids and his baby mama. and her brothers.
May 25 2011 3:58PM
My life
soo my lil princess is getting bigger :(
she calls everyone a b**** except for me and Darryl.
im momma Darryl is bighead :) i love my baby so much she look like her daddy
Jan 9 2010 5:24PM
ii have 2 scartchs above my eyebrow, and a scar under my chin
Oct 24 2009 12:49AM
Sweetie Mama Loves You.


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hottie leo
Jan 11 2009 6:01PM

did u read my blog bout u?
hottie leo
Jan 10 2009 9:46PM

Dec 14 2008 9:45PM

hey cuzzo watsz ^ with ya
hottie leo
Dec 14 2008 12:24AM

hottie leo
Dec 12 2008 9:10PM

u dumped me 4 russel wow
Dec 7 2008 5:07PM

ayayay no no no change ya pic
hottie leo
Nov 15 2008 12:12AM

2 more days
hottie leo
Oct 31 2008 6:07PM

o...........k lol miss u babe
hottie leo
Oct 30 2008 6:54PM

hey babe n wu u talkin bout lol
hottie leo
Oct 24 2008 8:07PM

aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh im so ****in bord
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