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Apr 29 2011 9:54PM
hey people im back on for good but if not hit me up on facebook inbox for the name or inbox for my number
Feb 9 2011 12:53PM
hey people i know its been awhile but im back on mostfungames so you can hit me up
Aug 11 2010 11:55AM
hey people im back on now so message me up i know i havent been on but i am now so im back!!!
Jun 19 2010 6:42PM
back on
hey people its been awhile since i been on but now im gonna be on everyday so if your bored talk to me im really funny and i might tell you who i resemble
Feb 9 2010 6:37PM
roy247 is a dirty dumb retarted doofus idoit who sleeps with his mom he gets on my nerves hes dirty and lives on the street and he smells like mustard and weeks old fish
Jan 30 2010 9:28PM
11 ways to bother your teacher
1. pretend to be chewing gum then when he/she comes over and tells you to spit it out, say, "i dont have any gum," and open ur mouth as wide as u can while obnoxiously saying, " aaaaaaaaaaaaaah"
2. drop ur pencil every 2 minutes. if u want to, every time u drop it u can shout," clumsy me!"
3. in stead of getting up or raising ur hand to ask the teacher something, throw them notes.
4. if ur teacher runs out of tissues, shout as loud as u can," theres no toilet paper left!"
5. roll ur pencil around on ur desk. when he/she tells u to stop, say the wind is doing it and roll it again.
6. yell out every thing u r thinking.
7. while the teacher is talking, walk up to the pencil sharpener and sharpen ur pencil as loud as u can. if the teacher asks u to stop, pretend u dont hear him/her and keep sharpining the pencil.
8. if the teacher asks a question, ask him/her,"wat is" then restate the question. be sure to emphasize the "is". Example: teacher,"wat is 2+2?" u,"wat IS 2+2?"
9. mock the teacher behind his/her back. if he/she catches u, say to him/her,"u made me do it!"
10. come in on a teacher work day and tell them," ive got nothin better to do."
11. if u didnt do a big assignment last year, on the first day of the new year, burst into the classroom shoutin,"IS IT TOO LATE TO TURN IN MY ASSIGNMENT!"
repost this saying,"how to annoy a teacher" and u will have no homework tomarrow or the next day.
Jan 17 2010 7:03PM
1 question
1 chance.
1 honest answer.
Thats all you get.
You get to ask me 1 question. (TO MY INBOX)
Any question, anything, no matter how crazy dirty or wrong it is.
No catch.
Jan 17 2010 5:32PM
i hope it snows again i really do that big snow storm we had last time was the best i loved all that snow. i really do hope it snows again i cant wait i hope its a big storm so we dont have to go to school that would be awesome
Jan 17 2010 5:30PM
im so glad sachool is getting close to be over i cant wait for the last day of school im gonna run out of my school ill miss my friends but ill chat with them on myspace i will definelty not miss school no kid would miss school its not fun all we do is work.if they make learning fun it will be fun i would love to go to school if they made learning fun.
Jan 17 2010 5:27PM
i love myspace i got my own profile. myspace is the place to be its just teens facebook is okay but its for like expressing your feelings like for old adults myspace is a place for teens myspace is the best if you dont have a myspace your crazy


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Jun 19 2010 7:07PM

Jul 23 2009 10:55AM

jonathan i love u
Apr 9 2009 9:09AM

baby ima love u forever u r the best bf ever
Mar 25 2009 3:46PM

heyy loves u
Aug 9 2008 4:19PM

Jul 28 2008 1:29PM

Whatsup,Just showing your page some Love <3
Jul 28 2008 1:29PM

Whatsup,Just showing your page some Love <3
Mar 8 2008 12:43PM

i waz ur first comment u betta always remember me jk lol comment back plz

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