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Call me Zabi. *Life is sucking less and less everyday.*

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Apr 14 2009 10:56AM
*sob* he dead *sob* x.x"
Mar 25 2009 7:29PM
Life is too hard to go long without a zen moment. I need mine. Please come home soon Niki. I miss you.
Mar 7 2009 10:25AM
I'm tubleing through a week of lies. Where the bonds of friendship and love are strained by revealing the truth. This is truely a time of my life where my own honesty has turned on me. Still I endure. If a person can't handle the truth. Then they can't handle life.
Jan 21 2009 6:49PM
A certin charm..?
I've been told I have a certin charm about me that draws girls towards me. Though the evidence supports this claim I believe it is the most BS thing ever. I am no romeo. Stop looking at me like I am damn it. Go droll over the guys who want it. I already have someone. Niki <3~
Jan 5 2009 9:37PM
New year~
New chances to fail. Yippie. :D
Jun 22 2008 7:24PM
All the same.
It's always the same story for me. God sits on his throne and decideds to reach down from the heavens and begins to screw with me until I beg for death. Then he gives me a reason to live and right when it gets good he takes it away. Then the cycle repeats.
May 3 2008 10:01PM
Attention please.
This is a notice to all the hopeless romactics out there. You have to get to know the person BEFORE you ask them out. You know who you are.
Apr 26 2008 9:27PM
Somehow I've was able to idel the first few months of being online but suddenly alot of people are sending me messages and there all girls o_o..........
Apr 23 2008 11:49PM
Got a new laptop it's pretty sweet but the scrool is annoying as hell. It looks really cool though.
Apr 19 2008 7:24PM
Back from the wedding. Did some dancing, a bit of drinking, alot of food and some kareoke. Had an awsome time.


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Oct 13 2008 7:30PM

hi hi. =)
Apr 8 2008 2:11AM

hi zabi,, whats new with you??
Mar 8 2008 5:31PM

hey wat's up comment bac
Feb 24 2008 2:08PM

heyy,, go tothe chatroom
Feb 24 2008 2:03AM

haha well your very nice
Feb 18 2008 7:20PM

haha,, i get it now haha ..... im not stupid if your thinking that haha
Jan 24 2008 12:57AM

huh that doesnt make sense???
Jan 6 2008 10:51PM

well,, your real nice!

maybe because your soo kkool heeh
Oct 10 2007 9:32PM

lol ok ok ok i will admit that i do have alot of friends there r u happy now lol
Oct 10 2007 9:15PM

lol i dont think thats alot of friends (and i hope u didnt count them1by1) lol
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