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Jun 25 2009 8:46PM
Im jus gon stay single 4 a while bcuz i aint found da rite girl yet!!
Jun 25 2009 8:10PM
a **** yall mutha ****in emos b****es wish yall was dead n stead of him! man **** all yall who glad he dead i kno il b 1 of does many ppl dat will miss him he da 1 n spired me 2 dance and all dat **** he b doin so **** all yall dat didnt like him b****es!!
Jun 6 2009 9:56PM
i juz dont kno who 2 pick juz so confused


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Oct 29 2009 7:30PM

CJ!!=) Haha Duuude Ihts Been A While Sice We've Talked Man We Need Talk And Catch Up Haha Well Yeah Juss Showin Yhur Page Some More Of Muhh Sistaaa Looovee=) Aight Laterr Angel Kakegamic Was Here<33
Jul 10 2009 3:01AM

Duhhh...He Has A DAughter=) And Your An UNCLE! So Ha!=)
Jul 5 2009 12:19AM

Uhmmmm Let Me Think NO!! Lmao Jk Yeah Of Course=) Lol(=
Jul 4 2009 3:15PM

CJ! Ihts Been A While BUDDIE=D Get At Me Mayne! Showing Youh Some Of Muh Speciall Loovvee=) Ha Byee=)
MrZ.pHrEsH 2 DeF
Jul 1 2009 3:30AM

uuuuUMMMm i dNt eveN no On sum reAl stUFf lol
MrZ.pHrEsH 2 DeF
Jun 22 2009 2:21PM

awwww ; ) mea misS u tew bo0kie but i gotTa thank bout letTin u get sum ov dis --->Go0D gOoD<--- {LMAO} (holLa at cha l8a im out wid much lub) [MMMMMWWWAAAHH]
Jun 13 2009 1:35PM

cuz pooh ewww man i thought i had to beat u up mane
if u went wit her
Jun 13 2009 1:34PM

tea man
Jun 5 2009 10:29PM

Ur Wack Nigga Jus Pik One Nd Have Da Otha One On Da Side... Itz Not Cheatin If Ur Jus Talkin To Anotha Shorty
May 27 2009 9:26PM

pa we neva on at da same tyme datz wack..... text mi nd we could talk sum more 484-350-7717
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