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the middle of NO WERE, United States
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hi! im yip13. im awsome. i like football. i play guitar, bells, reacorder, and sing. my fave song is, hmm, well, i like bad romance by ladygaga.(and yeah yeah yeah by uncle kracker.) ya, if u have more randome ?s message me-i love 2 talk.

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Oct 15 2010 9:19PM
famous people i like and why.
lady gaga: i like her music and she dreses weird.
taylor swift: i like her music and i think she is a good person.
kenny chesney: he has good music. he is a football fan-a steelers fan! yay!-and he gave ellen degeres a foot ball helmot-again, a steelers helmit!
carrie underwood: i like some of her songs and she is married 2 a hockey playa!!!
zac brown: he has da best music. i also likes the fact he weres that old stocking cap.lol i just love zac b!
AC/DC: ok, these guy can creep me out from time to time but there music is fun 2 listen 2 and play on the gutar. (RIP former lead singer bonscott. :()
miley cyrus: she has nice music and i think she is very insperational. (read her book "miles to go" if u dont beleve me.)
drake bell: ok, i GREW UP AS A LITTLE KID watcking your show "drake and josh". i always had some sorta crush on u when i was little. (along with my older cousin) u were the insperation on why i am the awsome guitar player, singer, and percutionist (drummer) that i am 2day. if i ever become famos, i will owe it all 2 u. thank u drake!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Oct 15 2010 9:04PM
more of my fave songs!
mine by taylor swift.
boys of fall by kenney chesney.
you belong with me by taylor swift.
alejando by lady gaga.
love story by taylor swift.
cowboy casanova by carrie underwood.
as shes walking away by zac brown band FEAT. alen jackson.
aint vback yet by kenny chesney.
T.N.T by AC/DC.
fly on the wall by miley cyrus.
back in black by AC/DC.
come back song by darius rucker.
little more country than that by easton corban.
why dont we just dance by josh turner
Oct 15 2010 5:28PM
my fave songs!!!
undo it by carrie underwood.
toes by zac brown band.
bullits in the gun by toby keith.
sweet thing by keith urban.
bad romance by lady gaga.
yeah yeah yeah by uncle kraker.
chicken fryed by zac brown band.
poker face by lady gaga.
me and my gang by rascal flats.
american ride by toby keith.
sothen voice by tim mcgraw.
paranoid by jonas brothers.
single ladies by beonce.
i gotta feelin by the black eyed peas.
hey soul sister by train.
kissin u by miranda cosgrove.
california gurls by katy perry.
party in the usa by miley cyrus.
fearless by taylor swift.
sufin bird by trashmen.
let the bodies hit the floor by drowning pool.
hillbilly bone blake shelton.
teliphone lady gaga.
courtesy of the red white and blue by toby keith.
Oct 14 2010 7:13PM
watch cause its awsome and one of my fave songs...it also had weird drunk dudes fright!lol wathch it!!
Oct 14 2010 5:32PM
i gotta work at the library 2marow.
Oct 13 2010 8:33PM
just random
~tell me what u like the most about me.~
Oct 13 2010 7:48PM
tell me...
dose anyone on here like uncle kracker???? if so, do u like his song yeah, yeah, yeah? its my theam song and i think u all should know it.
Oct 13 2010 7:42PM
Oct 13 2010 7:20PM
dude: possim roadkill.
me: WERE!?!?!?!?!?!?
Oct 13 2010 7:19PM
never knew.
M&M icecream sandwitches r good.


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Oct 4 2010 5:54PM

Ikr? So how've you been?
Oct 2 2010 12:13PM

Sep 25 2010 10:13PM

Sep 25 2010 3:11PM

~Dreamer~ :)
Sep 25 2010 11:34AM

Sep 17 2010 9:16PM

Same here. =)
Sep 17 2010 8:40PM

How iz life?
Sep 16 2010 7:03PM


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