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in sams closet :P, United States
About Me:
HI!! im corrine! im emo, duh! i am a bi, so YAY ME!!! dont like it, then beware!! XP im in love with the most wonderful guy in my life! ^ _ ^ want to get to know me, message/add me. BYE!!

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Feb 14 2009 9:10AM
To everyone on MFG
Feb 13 2009 10:15PM
im finally 16!! YAY ME!!
Feb 10 2009 9:05PM
my birthday is in 3 days!!! ^ _ ^ 16 comes soon!!
Feb 9 2009 4:46PM
my dream in english class ^ _ ^
ok today i dreamed during english class. it started out as me and my bf sam as little kids in elementary school. :) we played all around the playground during recess. we played hide and seek first, i hid, and sam found me behind him :P he then hid, and i found him with his head stuck in a tree :P then we played peekaboo, i closed my eyes, and when i opened them, i saw sam kissing me ^ _ ^ it was a wonderful dream, until my stupid english teacher woke me up!!! :( -sighs- if only that dream were real.
Feb 5 2009 3:31PM
OMG FUN WEEK!!! ^ _ ^
omg, this week was so much fun!! my girlfriend stephanie slept over few a for nights! ^ _ ^ it was so awesome!! we had a party, we watched movies, we went out to eat, and we played games! omg, it was fun :)
Feb 2 2009 9:39PM
Me sad
i was just talking to sam on the phone earlier, and he sounds very bad :'{ hes beaten up badly and couldnt be there with him to support him :'{ i feel such an awful girlfriend -tears-
Feb 2 2009 5:53PM
:D OMG!!! i cant belive it, sams alive!!! ^ _ ^ me is so happy!!
Feb 2 2009 2:00AM
My birthday is in 11 days!!! ^ _ ^
Feb 1 2009 8:57PM
yay my friend stephanie (who i just got back together with) is sleeping over at my house!! ^ _ ^ woohoo!!
Feb 1 2009 4:17PM
losing my <3 ?
i think im starting to lose hope in sam coming back. i keep praying, but i just had this awful dream of sams funeral last night. i think its a sigh that he might die :'{ i dont know what to do, im losing my faith, please help me -tears-


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Nov 24 2010 10:20PM

It's been a long time since i've said anything but i miss you alot corrine =[ RIP
Feb 13 2010 11:52PM

corrine....i still miss you
Feb 13 2010 3:59PM

I never got to say R-I-P<3
man she was the most awsome person i ever met
so sweet and nice
Corrine was my fave name espicially since she had it thats how i started tlking to her
I loved her like a sis
Oct 11 2009 9:04PM

Why did you die.. :'[
Jul 30 2009 4:41PM

i mizz you :'[
Jul 29 2009 3:47PM

i miss u!
Jul 24 2009 12:48AM

~~~heres a rose for remembrance and all the ones that loved you and miss you much~~~ R.I.P Corrine ='(
Jul 7 2009 9:19PM

Life Sucks,
Then You Die,
But You Made My Life Easier,
And I Will NEVER Forget You,
No Matter How Old I Get,
No Matter How Depressed I Become
No Matter How I Move On In Life,
You Heped Get Me This Far,
And You Were What We All Needed,
A Friend,
Always There For All Of Us,
Even Though You'll Never See This,
I Miss You :(
You'd Think I'd Be Over This By Now,
But I Never Will Be,
Death Is Easy, Painless,
Life Is Harder,
R.I.P Corrine <|3
Jun 20 2009 3:58AM

Iloveyou,so much

we sit and we think
How much we did wrong
How much time was wasted?
The scream and the anger we gave you
How much time we lost
With the hard time we gave you
When that time could have been spend
For that
one more Kiss
one more hug
one more laugh

we feel so betrayed
we feel so alone
Because YOU are not here
But we know YOU are in a better place
And we wrong for feeling this way
BUT No one can blame us for that
because All we wanted is
one last kiss
One last hug
one last laugh
from YOU
May 16 2009 12:33AM

☮ғrιendѕнιp ιѕ a вrιdge вeтween yoυ & мe.
wнen yoυ are ѕad and lonely, croѕѕ ιт,
ι'll waιт on тнe oтнer ѕιde ғorever .
вυт ιғ yoυ are aғraιd,ι'llcroѕѕ ιт ғor yoυ.
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