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My name is Kellie. I'm 17. Taken <3 and bi. I like boys more.have a facebook. Ask for it. Message me?

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Jun 19 2011 8:45PM
I hate it when people say they are gonna do something..
But never do it.
Jun 14 2011 11:59PM
2 new pics on playlist.
They were actually took awhile back..
Oct 3 2010 8:05PM
irawwr-atomic is my twin
we both like jellyfish
be jelly biotch!!!!
Oct 3 2010 6:15PM
ohh your dating my ex? cool. I'm eating a sandwich, do you want those left overs too? (;
Sep 10 2010 7:17PM
park that car
drop that phone
sleep on the floor
dream about me
Sep 5 2010 8:46PM
Im Also A Bossy Gorilla??
Jun 26 2010 4:00PM
Just a poem..
What happen to all
the memorys that use to be mine -_-
It seems all my friends left me behind...
All the stupid jokes and the i love you's
That fade, Why does evryone always turn away!
And people wonder why i freakin push people away,
Well here's your answer.
Did you ever think that
i needed you to get threw the day?
That the tears i cryed for you, only turned into hate...
So Close and now so far , the footsteps that were by
me threw evrything went their own way, Now i just stand
here alone, wondering how i could of made you stay.
What did i do wrong, why am i not good enough,who
actually wats me.. who actually needs me..
All these thoughts pace threw my head..
I can only Give so much of my heart untill i
can no longer give no more.
Its funny how close someone can be but
still leave and be so far away.. How much connection
you can lose what ever happen to fate.
Jun 25 2010 4:12AM
about me
1. I eat like a 987234 pound football playing man but I never gain weight
2. I absolutly hate when someone takes a chip bag or something, leaves only the crums, and puts it back in the pantry. >.>
3. I don't feel clean unless I take a HOT shower
4. I usually try to avoid liking someone as more then a crush, it just get's thrown in my face
5. I love stories :D
6. I listen to all types of music, even a little country
5. I love it when people give me cute nicknames
6. I'm pretty much hating how amost of these setences begin with I :p
7. My favorite color is red (:
8. I like to learn interesting facts, not stuff like iin school but stuff like how it's illegal to not have windshield wipers but you don't have to have a windshield (:
9. I want to work in the medical field, but I ****ing HATE school >,>
10. I do not say I love you unless I mean it, period
11. I lovelovelovelovelove Funyuns <3333
12. One of my favorite movies is Stay Alive
13. I hate doing my hair
14. I really enjoy brushing my teeth (:
15. Most of the time I actually hate people, but some are exceptions (:
16. If your talking ****, you should be eating it
17. At the moment, I could go for some Olive Garden mmmmmmmmm (:
18. I hate shopping with a passion
19. I don't smoke or drink
20. There's still alot more to be found out about me, so talk to me<3
Jun 7 2010 5:32PM
i own u


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Jun 20 2011 9:58PM

anytime for a friend((:
Jun 20 2011 9:58PM

no problem(:
Jun 19 2011 6:44PM

kellie's a pretty girl(:
Aug 29 2010 10:58PM

love ur snakebites!!
Aug 18 2010 5:28PM

it doesnt matter
Aug 18 2010 3:17PM

plz dont quit........
well not now
Jul 31 2010 10:09PM

not just u!
Jul 30 2010 4:41PM

ur my hoe!!
u heidy and starr r my hoes!
hellz yea!!
Jul 23 2010 6:42AM

haha XD
Jul 23 2010 6:38AM

but ur not
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