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watch u bleed, Botswana
About Me:
This world is our graveyard so dig a fucking hole! btw im not annie anymore im hellokittyninja hehe!

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May 8 2010 3:33PM
fake emo b****es
oh me gawd emo kids on here are b****es not every ****ing emo kid ish hawt not being hawt doesnt make u nawt emo!!!!!!!! you would think emo kids would understand the problems kids have on here but no there ass holes about it you know what b****es **** OFFF!!!!!!! I HOPE YOU ALL DIE!!!!!! AND GO TEW HELL!!!!!!!!!
May 6 2010 11:02AM
jeffree star likes justin bieber haw haw!!!!!! now all u bieber haters can s my d!!!!!!
May 6 2010 10:33AM
why must life suck????????
May 5 2010 4:51PM
:D BYEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!
i gtg 4 now hit up me page guys and comment cuz it makes me happy!!!!!
May 5 2010 4:44PM
girl blue steel!!!! hawhawhaw!!!
just look at me im so pretty wen i got all these man hoes on top of me LOL!
May 3 2010 7:39PM
if i rub viagra on my brain will it make me think harder???
Mar 31 2010 11:07AM
From: scuba
Date: Mar 31 2010 10:51AM
Subject: RE: stuff

are you a dirty girl
Mar 31 2010 10:03AM
Je veux ton amour
Et je veux ta revanche
J'veux ton amour
(i want your love i want your revenge i want your love)
Mar 29 2010 4:04PM
i totes wish my hair was still pink im gonna dye it lol...again
Mar 16 2010 4:08PM
in real life bella would never get hawt guys like edward and jacob cuz shes ****ing uggy


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May 10 2010 9:55AM

hey whats up<3x2
BranBran :D
May 8 2010 5:28PM

Your blog makes me sad ):
I dont wanna go to hell....
Deedah dude
May 6 2010 10:39AM

ello annie!!! :DD
Apr 12 2010 6:47PM

I Totes Luffles Yhew Babez :D
Mar 25 2010 1:16PM

ohhhh now i get it. Annie, keep ur "thoughts" tew yerself lolz
Mar 24 2010 4:50PM

tht not make any sense :P
Mar 24 2010 4:50PM

tht not make any sense :P
Mar 5 2010 1:42PM

ur not an idiot doll, we r both going thru problems, just know im here 4 u babe & i luv u
Mar 5 2010 11:54AM

srry wifey xDD wuznt thinking right doll =]
Feb 6 2010 4:09PM

shelloz mah b-e-a-U-tiful wifey <333 lmao
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