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Where the sun gave up the sky<3, Antarctica
About Me:
seasons that break your bones//<3 c'mon dear..let's talk//Le Austin Eugene<33

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May 30 2012 11:24PM
Facebook me, homes! I can only handle this site a tad longer..so do itttttt! ---> twiggsphoto@yahoo.com or Sarah Davis. Come at me, bro(s). <3
Apr 5 2012 11:36PM
Playing Austin in a Magic match. It's funny because he bought me a new deck of cards for my birthday thinking that he could beat me...but he hasn't won yet. Baby, haven't you learned you can never beat me?? Silly rabbit, Magic is for Sarah. c;
Jan 3 2012 11:17PM
Well in that case...
Hey Sarah. So you left your phone on my dresser and I stole it, and now I'm writing this while you went to make some food. Aha! Lossaahhh XD just kidding..kind of..not really..actually, I am. Anyways, Sarah, darling..I love you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You make me smile, constantly. You always know just what to say to make me feel better. You're the only girl I know who loves WoW, listens to amazing music, likes banana nut bread, has an amazing heart, is super smart, EXTREMELY gorgeous, and is original all at once. You never see that combination. When you kiss me, I lose my breath and for a second forget where I am. When you just barely touch me I get these butterflies all in my tummy. When we hug I never want to let you go. When you go off to do something for even a second, I get all pouty inside because I want you with me at all times. Ah ****, you're back! Uh oh I'm getting in trouble! Hurhur too bad, because I'm going to finish writing you this..:D Sarah, I love you so much. So ****ing much. You're my universe, darling. I'm never letting you go. I love you(: -Austin
Jan 3 2012 12:13AM
Attack of the wolf king..
I never run from anything....except myself.
Jan 3 2012 12:12AM
White as snow..
I wonder if he ever just stops and thinks, "Dammn, I miss her."
Dec 26 2011 11:37AM
Sarah Eats Bugs..
Sarah gives her dogs drugs. Sarah steals her grandpas mugs. Sarah makes out with rugs. Sarah hangs out with thugs. Sarah gives great hugs. She also is a cereal whore, always jackin my cinnamon toast crunch, right out of my cabinets! She steals the blankets. She is stubborn. Her jokes arent as funny as she thinks they are. She isn't the best at sharing, and she always cheats when we play uno. BUT, she is the best friend a guy could ask for. She's always there for me in my darkest times. She's a fantastic listener. She always puts you first no matter what, I've never seen anyone care as much as she does. She would do anything for you. She's creative and talented and absolutely gorgeous. You can't know her and not love her..Sarah, you're the best. Thank you for being in my life. I love you, girl. But you still eat bugs;P --Charlie
Dec 23 2011 10:40PM
Kicking Your Crosses Down
People complain and moan and bitxh because they feel they don't know me, but its quite impossible to show them because I honestly don't know myself.
Nov 25 2011 8:34PM
Timing is Everything
Instead of selling my soul, I'm giving it away.
Oct 12 2011 5:42PM
Once in a while//I act like a child
To feel like a kid again//
It gets like a prison in the body I'm living in//
Cause everyones watching & Quick to start talking//
I'm losing my innocence//
Wish I were a little girl//
Without the weight of the world///
Jun 5 2011 11:22AM
Bears, Beets, and Battlestar Galactica
Darling, leave me alone now.
I need to catch me breath.
I will only disappear if you only close your eyes.


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Jun 4 2012 12:33AM

You're awesome <3
Jan 12 2012 9:21AM

I just haven't been on .
School & Work sucks ass. I have like zero free time.
I freakin' miss you too .
Jan 8 2012 3:14PM

I miss youuuuu.
Jan 4 2012 3:48PM

i am black! nikkah!
you just cant tell my blackness is invisible!
imma win and you know it!
Jan 2 2012 3:24PM

uh nah imma beat yo ass ive been dancing for a little over
12 years!
you going down!
Jan 1 2012 8:03PM

i love your resolution
mine: have a dancing competition with
and beat your ass at it!
Dec 31 2011 2:17PM

I must use it, or you won't make me bacon. o:<
Aug 4 2011 9:37PM

Jul 13 2011 8:18PM

i love you my friend. c:
i miss you as well. :c
uhm, we needa be on at the same flippin' time.
like for sure.
Jun 29 2011 9:42AM

Were both pretty, okai?
Oh yuss! Err'body gon' be all like, 'oh ****, im jealous, Sonic Sarah + Go Go Livvy Gadget are all 'KaPow' and im just lameeee'
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