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manitoba b****, Canada
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im emo.ima rewlly big bitch, so dont fuck wiff me,i love meeting new ppl,IM SINGLE!....pregnate[sept.14.09] <333

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Oct 4 2009 8:40PM
last time im checking leanna's mail, then im gone for good.
R.I.P leanna
Oct 2 2009 12:57PM
leanna ish dead!
hey everyone its dawn.
leanna was threating to kill herself, well early yesterday morning she hung herself, and was found around noonish. when they brought her to the hospital she was dead and couldnt be saved.they checked around to see what else might have killed her other then the hanging and found this on her stomach were the words: im sorry.ima slut,i sleep wiff everyguy and girl, i dont deserve to live.
im so sorry to those who care about her like hell[like me].

R.I.P leanna.


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Jun 14 2011 3:04AM

sill remember u and miss uu D:
Jun 3 2011 12:22PM

Miss you <3 still.
Nov 22 2010 12:05AM

miss you girlyy love you): i was just thinking about you becuz i was going threw my comments and then i got to your comments and i almost cried): i know you cant read this but im always thinking about chu just to let you know ill never ever forget about you):
Aug 2 2010 1:02AM

Happy B-Day i stilll miss yu alwayz
Ily ='( i wish yu were still here
May 18 2010 12:19AM

leanna I miss you :( :( I wish one day you would just get on all of a sudon
Apr 29 2010 8:23PM

i love you, missing you... A TON.
i need you.
i can't stand life. you must be looking over me.
you're my guardian angel.
Apr 21 2010 5:31PM

God, why'd you take herrrr !! i love you leanna.
Apr 4 2010 2:57PM

i no longer can share amazing new with you. i love you :['
Apr 2 2010 7:57AM

i had to spend my b-day with out u it suckes i know u cant read this but ya im gonna right a long coment i guess i miss the times we had together dude u were like my sis i luved u i wish u were still here i miss u so much i know it doesnt do any good to wright this but i just wanted to take out time of my day to wright this becuz u were like my sis u were always there for me leanna i wish u were hear right now so i could talk to u u were so amazing and awsome and funny and pretty and i could go on but im not gonna well i miss u and ill never forget u<3
Apr 2 2010 7:53AM

miss u<3 :(
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