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Im a hot emo girl thats bi and looking for a girlfriend or a boyfriend!

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Jan 31 2009 7:12PM
At times...
I'm depressed,
I'm dark minded,
I feel miserable,
I feel suicidal,
I feel worthless,
and scared.
I like the dark, because it comforts me.

If you see me in the street walk on by,
If you see me crying there's a reason why,
If you see me half dead pay no attention,
Because I'm slowly dying inside.
I can't feel,
I can't touch,
I can't love,
But I want to hold you so much.
If you feel me in your heart pay no attention,
Because that's were I'm staying,
Until you die with me.
If you see me lying still in the park you'll know why,
I'm gone.......... A victim of lost love.

When it hurts to looks Back,
and your Scared to look Ahead
Look Beside you and I'll be there!


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