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i dont understand anymore, Canada
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im robin. im 17. im emo.

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Jun 13 2009 12:34PM
wow ur the greatest leanna
Jun 12 2009 4:41PM
WHY AM I SO ****ING STUPID! i just lost the girl on my dreams! AND I CANT ****ING GET HER BACK
Jun 12 2009 4:36PM
no more lies being told
bby, fine im not making you stay. but im sorry.
Jun 12 2009 4:29PM
fighting back the tears, holding back the lies.
im sorry shauna, i understand if you hate me. i just think that i hurt you way to many times, and u dont deserve to have to get hurt that much, you deserave a better boy rather then me. im sorry shauna.
Jun 12 2009 3:48PM
hm...heartbroken, or lost in love?
heartbroken, shauna, what i did was horrible, i love you like your my life, but bby, all i can think about is that i hurt u, i cant stop thinking about you, i love you shauna, i really do, i just am scared im gonna hurt you again, i dont wanna bby, i really dont, i wanna love you, not hurt you, but i already did, and im scared i am about to hurt you again bby.... im not taken, but i do flirt with other girlz. and i cant stop. bby, plzz. i love you, not them, maybe its telling me and you somehting, maybe its saying that were not meant to be? maybe its saying that im not the lucky boy you should be with? but, im so so sorry, shauna.
Jun 12 2009 1:18PM
bby, i found this pic in your playlist :P i didnt no you took a pic of us kissing :P
Jun 10 2009 9:08PM
l___l post this
(........) if you have a
l.......l beautiful
l.......l girlfriend
l..l l..l
l..l l..l
l..l l..l
(__l l__)
Jun 10 2009 8:08PM
****/ i jus stabbed my finger :[ hurts.
Jun 9 2009 9:28PM
im sorry shuana what i did before, promis ill never ever do it again, it was a mistake, baby i love you as if you were the world and i was the sun, if you were spongebob and i was patrick. baby i want you all to me =) i love you shauna.
Jun 9 2009 9:08PM
i love you!
b**** i love you shauna!


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Jun 13 2009 6:27PM

thnxs robin :]
Jun 12 2009 1:39PM

sorry bby jus we kiss way to much :) but im not saying to stop. :P haha. iloveyou. and, im getting a cold or sumthing i wont be able to kiss you till im not sick anymore, i had this for like almost a week and my throat is like killing! :(
Jun 10 2009 8:18PM

hunz, i wouldnt ever cheat on you. babez, i love you, i would die if i lost you! hunz, i wouldnt hit on other guyz and girlz they talk to me but i be like 'B*TCH i have a boyfriend!' :P i love you robin
Jun 9 2009 9:12PM

b**** i love you!♥

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