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hey people! please add me and leave comments! i love reading comments and having friends!! if u esnns br my friend become a member for this

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Sep 9 2009 6:15PM
The Sexy Girl
hey people just like i was sayin i got a gf XD!!!! ya and shes the sexy girl i call her dat NOTE* IM NOT TELLIN U HER USER CUZ U WILL AD HER!!! haha
Sep 6 2009 6:43PM
Im So Happy!
YAY today i got a gf!!!!!!!!!
Aug 19 2009 9:45PM
Talk To Me People
ok heres a thing i dont talk to people over 14 cuz i hate to be the smaller age person lol jk only 12-14 ages could talk to me!!! im 13
Aug 19 2009 9:42PM
Send Me Messages
hey people!! plz send me messages like
Wanna Be Friends? and i add u!!! or if like im cool or something like dat lol
Aug 19 2009 9:39PM
Please Leave Comments
hey people!! id love to see u write comments so i can read them! i love reading comments and if u write a comment to me i will write a comment to u!!


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Sep 12 2009 6:16PM

Why should i calm down?
Sep 9 2009 5:51PM

I love you!!
Sep 6 2009 3:00PM

Heyy like omg u need to get on more so we can talk more... yeah... :P
Aug 29 2009 3:53PM

U r like one of my bestest friends ever!!!! Luv ya!! Seriously u like r SOOO fukken awesome! Luvzz ya!!!
Aug 28 2009 4:00PM

Hey! I was bored so i decided to leave (another) comment! Lolzzz! Luvzzzz ya!!
Aug 20 2009 10:49PM

Heyyyy!!! ur da fukkin best!!
Aug 19 2009 10:23PM

No ur da best!!!!
Aug 19 2009 7:37PM

Ur welcome!! :P
Aug 19 2009 5:01PM

Heyy! U rokk!! Luv ya!! First comment YAY!!!

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