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sǝןpooʇ uo ɐʎ ppɐ ןן,ı'ǝɹoɯ puɐ'ɐssǝuɐʌ'oǝן'xɐɯ'ɟןɐɹ'ɹǝɔuǝds'ɐssʎןɐ'ʎןןıן:sǝıppnqsǝןʇʇıʞs ןoן ¡¡snoɔıןǝןʇʇıʞs pu'ʇǝǝʍs'.ɯ,ı.ןɐnxǝsıq puɐ oɯǝ ɯɐ ı

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Feb 16 2009 7:36PM
Liars XD
They said tht the muffin man was on drury lane
i went to drury lane
and all i saw was tinkerbell
i asked her"where's the muffin man?"
she said he's not here,there never was a muffin man
omg i was soo upset!!
i'm letting everyone know this
wht's next,,!! find out tht red don't give u wings??
Feb 15 2009 5:41PM
This **** is true
Bipolar! - Fake! - Internet! - (Girls&Boys)

Alright man this blog go's out to all of the girls&Boys
Well i think most girls&Boys some are fake some are bipolar some of them fight over the damn internet
Ok well i'm not trying to be mean to anyone i'm just making this blog because these's a lot of haters fakes bipolar people n people who think there really hard well i mean come on now your just talking all that lip because your on the internet and yeah i've talked to some of thoes people and you people really run your lip when your in the chat room
just so you can make people think that your really hard well if this stuff was real life i know you would not be talking that
so how bout you just stop then we have people who are fake ok yall always wanna call me fake but then again yall fake yall self so stop sending me massages saying im fake because i'm not gone take my time fighting with you imma just block you so anyways then we have people who are bipolar ok most of the girls on here are bipolar i don't think i seen a bipolar boy yet but say like if you joking around with a girl on here she'll just get mad some how then she'll just block you then your like what the hell did i do then she's like blah blah this n blah blah that so i'm really tired of it so i had to let it out because you people thinking im fake thinking im the bipolar one thinking im the one who talks lip over the net well you got it all wrong wooo wooo god let me clam down because im really gone krazy over this let me see one more person saying im fake wooo boy yall fooling with wrong one n i'm not EVEN gone say anything bad n this blog well thats it for this blog im out so yeah add me tell yo friends to add me bye
Feb 15 2009 3:43PM
I Lost,,,
I Lost him because i ****ed up as always
I Lost the guy tht actually loved me for me nd not cuz of anything else
now i'm going to lose my life
i lost my self-respect and everything else
and devin don't be mad
but if u still wanna leave
and still wanna go and see Satan
Then come on because as always
I Lost,,,
Feb 15 2009 2:29PM
uggghhh/i thought
If i wanted to feel more pain
i cud have just stab a knife in my heart
but nooo
they was all like plz stay don't hurt yourself
like u care,,i guess wht i'm tryin to say is tht i'm done and i'm ending
it all
i thought u sed u loved me no matter what
but i guess tht was just a lie like eveerything else was,is,nd will be
Feb 12 2009 7:36PM
One more day

just one more day i have to be in hell then i'm out baby!!

WOOT WOOT!!*throws a guitar*
Feb 11 2009 4:58PM
Even tho i have a valentine
this is wht it means
V-Very stupid and has no meaning to it
A-sshole holiday
L-lose money this way
E-eat everyone time out nd not doing important things
N-never have a good reason for this ****
T-time to realize tht this holiday is dumb
I-I believe tht it shud just be called choclate cuz tht's mainly wht u give a peson nd it'll make more sense
N-no i don't believe bout this holiday,i always 4get bout it
E-each year u just,,
Feb 11 2009 4:28PM
It's Finally coming,Will i go home?
It's Finally coming

tht day

tht day when i can leave the damn hospitty

the doctors told me tht i will be able to leave on Friday

Will i go home? cani get bckk to life? or am i just gonna hve to deal with ppl tlkin bout wht happen

no one will really understand me,,only me can understand me
Feb 11 2009 3:34PM
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Lol Mates
Feb 9 2009 7:35PM
Man >:(
I had to deal with te theropist

she said i'm only acting like this cuz i want attention

well maybe if she went thru the **** i went thru



then she me some kinda stupid ass pills

she gave them to me nd devin

but he thru his pills out the window XD
Feb 9 2009 3:50PM
When can i go home?

When can i get out the hospitty?

When can i just leave this world?

When can i just kill the ppl who hurt me?

When can i just say,,good-bye?



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Mar 22 2009 4:25PM

havent talked to u in a while
^ ^
Feb 19 2009 9:57AM

Yeah No Problem Lilee :)
Talk To You Some Time Later!^.^
Byee! :)
Feb 15 2009 1:00PM

If i wanted to feel more pain
i cud have just stab a knife in my heart
but nooo
they was all like plz stay don't hurt yourself
like u care,,i guess wht i'm tryin to say is tht i'm done and i'm ending
it all
oh yeah happy late v-day *gives u a muffin*
Feb 14 2009 2:01AM

Hey Lilee!!
Happy Valentines Day!!!

Luv ya!! <33
Feb 12 2009 7:33PM

Feb 12 2009 6:53PM

Feb 11 2009 9:53PM

guitar hero
Feb 9 2009 10:22PM

hi baby i love u sweet comment 201
Feb 9 2009 9:07PM

hell yeah niggah!!

i'm ur 200th commenter person or w/e

oh yeah!!
Feb 9 2009 7:44PM

Hey Lilee=) Showing Love^.^ Byee(= Clarissa<33
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