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Jul 30 2009 2:59PM
im just gonna leave for a while people i seem to just make things worse so i'll be on sometime soon byebye
Jul 27 2009 11:02PM
Ray is not my real name its my nickname cuz a lot of people cant say my real name hehehe if u wanna know what it is just message me
Jul 27 2009 9:52PM
I can see the sun in ur eyes
I can feel u smile in the darkeness as ur lips touch mine
If u would only open ur eyes and see the real me
But youve been hurt too many times too really see what i mean
Open ur eyes and feel my love
Open ur arms and feel my touch
Look deeper then ever b4 in my eyes
Cuz ur the one for me and only u and i can see
Our dream Our destiny
Feel ur life with wonder with care and with trust
Dont wrry take ur time opening up
Dont want u to rush in and get heartbroken
Leaving my feelings unguarded but i'll protect u
Open ur eyes and feel my love
Open ur arms and feel my touch
Baby u should know ur the only one im dreaming of
I wanna hold u in my arms tonight
Just make our dream our destiny eventually come to life
Jul 26 2009 4:06PM
im suck an aweful person im gonna go die now bye


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Nov 5 2009 8:53PM

ilovethis boy so much
iloveyou ray <3
forever and ever baby. XD
Oct 22 2009 5:50PM

ray you are the most amazing boyfriend ever
i love you so much baby. :D
you and me forever :D
Sep 27 2009 9:35PM

ray <3 i love you :D
Aug 14 2009 1:00AM

happy birthday :]]
Jul 30 2009 3:52PM

Jul 27 2009 11:09PM

Wait Blueberry Flavored?!
so if i lick it, it will taste like blueberry?! :o
Jul 27 2009 11:01PM

Your a Popcicle Addict!!! xD
Jul 27 2009 8:39PM

hehe gorgeous person xD
Jul 27 2009 8:22PM

:O i get christmas & Cnady! Oh-my-gosh!
Thnk you *hugs*
Jul 27 2009 8:19PM

Evil! *growls at you* gimme christmas back!
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