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Get stupid get silly fuck this shit im through wit it ayeee buh bye now Oh why do we like to hurt so much

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Jan 24 2010 1:09PM
Lets fall in a drain and make a sewer baby xD !!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 22 2010 11:17PM
Your so hott u make chicken nuggets horny xD
Jan 22 2010 10:37PM
Can you handle it ?
I have a question and thee answer i wanna know if love is a two way street then were you been i can go out and do the same thing you did to me but love wont let me love should have brought you home to me what u did to me could u handle it how could sleep someone when u knew i slept with another girl would u still trust me now many men think that their women wont cheat while i was out working late another brother was lovin the women thats supposed to be long to me u need to think u didnt think what if when i was working late i was really out with another girl making the same mistake could u handle it ?
Jan 17 2010 6:45PM
like for real now stop wasting my time either ur gonna talk to me or ur not if ur gonna block me keep me blocked im not crying anymore **** it
Jan 17 2010 6:02PM
:] guess what
I'm a very fortunate fellow anyone can see I've got a girl and her heart belongs to me I'm a very fortunate fellow she's my valentine I've got a girl and the world is mine all mine she's my sunshine when it's raining love is our umbrella i don't mind it when it's raining just as long as i can tell her I'm a very fortunate fellow and I'll tell you why
I've got a girl who will love me till' i die! she's my sunshine when it's raining love is our umbrella i don't mind it when it's raining just as long as i can tell her I'm a very fortunate fellow and I'll tell you why! I've got a girl that will love me till' i die!boom da da boom da da boom....boom da da boom da da boom...love me till' i die!
Jan 17 2010 5:58PM
Brooke is a hoe
Jan 17 2010 5:13PM
I think that Kiley is an imaginary person everytime u turn around oh kiley ask u out that wasnt me blah blah so how bout u take a picture with her or something man this is funny :)
Jan 3 2010 3:33PM
I watch And anticipate the moment which you will appear
The air gets colder Around me surrounding me with nothing but
A mist of loneliness And thee only thing i can taste
Is the salt from my Tears & Then everything starts to fade away
As a distant chilling memory that i wish i can obtain
Just one more time
But love is my Fate why must i wait
To see my heart die inside why cant it just go away
And the one thing i see is your face
Which brings me much joy and pain
But i must wipe your tears away and let you be happy
But i keep loosing myself dont wanna do anything else but cry
Well deep inside I must see if theres something i can find
But as all these memories begin to fade and as all
The good moments fly away i know that your happy
With someone else besides me ......So I'm just gonna let go
Dec 28 2009 9:43PM
Im confuseddddddd
Dec 27 2009 10:02AM
<|3 HeartBroken Again


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Jan 24 2010 1:11PM

a sewer baby dude your crazii
Jan 17 2010 7:04PM

ehh ; same here ; lol
Jan 17 2010 6:51PM

what's upp?
Jan 17 2010 6:24PM

hi hi (:
Jan 17 2010 6:00PM

ur smell like rotting goat **** :p
Jan 17 2010 5:15PM

not yhu :p
Jan 17 2010 5:06PM

dude ur stupid lmao
Dec 24 2009 10:25PM

How are you??
Dec 22 2009 7:50PM

Dec 22 2009 4:26PM

woohoo wait im second

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