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i've over stayed my welcome. i've crossed the boundaries, i've hurt too many people. so, do yourself some good, and press that little red X.

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Oct 31 2010 6:55AM
Alright...I tried. I really honestly did.
I tried to go back, be who I was.
but, frankly, that is impossible.
Once you change..you change forever.
there is no getting around that fact.
I think I'm done for good with this place.
It's not worth the time.
It's not. It just isn't.
Too much...so, this is it.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
i wish everyone happiness.
Sep 28 2010 6:16PM
**** this ****.
i can't do this.
Sep 20 2010 7:27PM
I really screwed it up this time...
Sep 19 2010 11:50PM
about me.
My name is Shaye Marie Hudson.
I am fourteen. (:
I lied a lot before, but I'm ready to be honest.
I may be a messed up, mean, insecure biitch.
But, I guarantee, if you gain my trust, i will be a different person.
I am taken.<3
I love you.
I'm starting all of this shiit over.
I'm sorry if i've hurt you in the past.
I'm ready to change.
Give me one more chance.
Sep 19 2010 11:25PM
Okay. To everyone i hurt. Read this.
I'm really sorry. more than you could imagine.
I'm ready to change. I'm gonna be the Shaye I was before things got bad.
I'm going to fight the battles i'm facing. & i'm gonna win.
Sep 19 2010 10:32PM
she's gone.
R.I.P mama. |:
I love you.
& i miss you.
May 11 2010 9:01PM
No creative title.
Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you. You just have to find the one's worth suffering for. -Bob Marley.
Shaye Marie;You be my world.
your my bestfriend. my dork. my love. my only true friend.
you know the truth about me, every single little small detail that nobody else knows. you know.
you know and you don't judge, you don't care. your amazing. your the best person in my life. your the best girl i've ever known. you give great advice. big commands. you always lead me in the right direction and expected nothing in return. your amazingly beautiful<3 your eyes are amzing. you can stunn anybody.
you can have any guy that you want. because, your just plain amazing. girrrrrrlll, your my world.
i have nothing except for you anymore.
i will give you my heart if need be. becausse, i would rather you have it than anybody else. that's fo sho.
Nuff Said.



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Sep 26 2012 6:21PM

I wish you were here now. I miss you more than ever.
Oct 7 2010 3:42PM

I wish I knew you, way back when.
Before you were part of my plans,
I think that we would have been friends.

There's only time to live our lives,
&' you'll be the one that's by my side.
&' I can promise you then..
You'll always be my best friend.

Till the end when we part,
I will give you my heart,
&' I'll promise to love you with all that it is.
&' I'll promise to be there whenever you need me,
Because you'll always be.. my best friend.

You'll always be my best friend.
(You'll always be my best friend.)
You'll always be my best friend.
(You'll always be my best friend.)

You'll always be my best.. friend.

You'll always be my best friend by Relient K.
Sep 28 2010 8:25PM

i miss youuu !
Jun 25 2010 3:53PM

your amazing<33
May 27 2010 9:35PM

May 26 2010 8:18PM

May 19 2010 8:04PM

heyyy sexxxyyyy. [:
Apr 29 2010 5:13PM

i love you Shaye..
Marissa. <3
Apr 28 2010 6:36PM

Shaye;; I Fuccking Love You.<3;;
Marissa. <3
Apr 23 2010 7:28PM

Shaye, I Love You With All My Heart.
You Have Been My Number One,
& You'll Always Be.
Remember When We Got High? Haha,
Those Are Special Memories That'll Stay In My Heart.
I Love You Bestfriend Please Don't Ever Forget That.
I'll Always Have You In My Heart, Forever&Always My Love<3

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