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In Your Dreams xD, Ukraine
About Me:
Always & Forever, I Will Love You. [: I'm Bridgit. 14. -bisexy- Fun [: LoveAble.. What Else Can You Want From A Girl Like This? My Status You Ask.? Single. But Madly In Love With You [: So. AnyMore Questions? Messages And Comments Were Made For Reasons.!

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May 19 2010 9:38PM
Boo. [:
luv you babe!!
May 6 2010 10:58PM
ya. for u people that dont kno how to read. I AM BI. like u been messagin me and askin if i'm bi. NO DUR. what grade u in.? cuz i think u skipped one! the reading one!! =P
May 5 2010 5:03PM
boredness. :[
messages?? please?
May 4 2010 10:11PM
mannn. i had a really good friend. i trusted her and everything.
but no. she had to be fake. its just not right.
May 3 2010 11:18PM
stupid wind storm!!! all i hear is thump this thump that. !!! omg.
i can't wait untill it ends!!!
May 3 2010 11:13PM
kinda in a bad mood.
can u please cheer me up?
messages? comments? adds? more of messages!! [:
love u. [:
May 2 2010 12:13PM
add me?
comment me?
it will really cheer me upp. [:
May 1 2010 6:16PM
Girl. Stay Back.
I Know You Want Him. But Either Way. He Don't Like You.
So Stay Back. [:
Apr 29 2010 10:06PM
i died my hair back to blackkkk!!! omg...i finally look like myselfff!! [:
Apr 26 2010 9:31PM
I love you.
Day By Day. I Spend All My Time Thinking About You. How We Could Hold Hands, Be Together. The Only Problem Is That, Dreams Don't Always Come True In Real Life. But Remember. I Will Always Have You In My Heart. When I Hear Your Voice, I Can't Help But Listen More. When You Walk By Me, I Can't Help But Stare. You Gave Me A Hug.ONCE.And I Never Wanted To Let Go. But I Had To. All I Do Is Talk About You. Everything That I Say, Is Related To You. Ask Anybody, All My Friends. I Am Writing This, Cause I Love You.


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May 23 2010 6:26PM

it looked good. :/ lol
May 20 2010 10:59AM

i just ate a half raw pancake!
May 11 2010 6:21PM

Hellow Emily!
And Bridgit.
May 10 2010 3:59PM

I lovee youu to:))

Omg i know this is the wronng page to say this on but.
Heyyy Ashtonnn!
May 10 2010 3:56PM

Thanks for the comment.
May 5 2010 5:19PM

heyzzzzzz howz it goin????
May 4 2010 10:52PM

xD hah thanks
May 4 2010 6:53PM

Giving Your Page Lovee:)
&& Whatever Comment I Have Is Thee Best.
Because It Came From Me.
!~Emily Jamie~!
May 4 2010 5:57PM

I'mma good fran?! :0
I deserve a shiny stickerr! xD
May 4 2010 2:04PM

Lawl!! Hay u funny, were both awesome then!! :D And yup i survived!! :P *Eats an animal cracker*
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