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Mar 7 2009 6:49PM
Backseat Goodbye<3
I like Saturdays and the rocket summer
blue skies and the morning's air
i like you, you like me
there's something wrong with this picture
let's turn it upside down so we can see
the insecurities caused by the last four years of economic downsizing in the eastern us
i like February along with Tilly and the wall
pretty pictures and shirts that are too small
for my child-like figure that you're so in love with
i like the autumn's leaves and bright eyes
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
stands strong in my favorites of all time
along with you and your technicolor eyes


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May 25 2009 3:54PM

thank you
Apr 4 2009 3:59PM

yours is cuter :]
Apr 1 2009 5:25PM

Mar 22 2009 3:59PM

wwowwwwwww nice pic! :D
!~melisa sk8s~!
Mar 14 2009 11:24AM

Hi showin some friendship to yo page show some bakk
Mar 10 2009 11:10PM

well you miss...you look ****in cute :D
Mar 3 2009 9:25PM

ur welcome
Mar 3 2009 7:41PM

your grosss! haha jk, wana cum over nd we can play monoply again?
Mar 1 2009 2:36PM

hello beautifle :] ur name suits u haha :D
kevin 123
Feb 21 2009 7:19PM

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