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Apr 26 2010 8:57PM
im a married women
to the love of my life
Jan 15 2010 3:08PM
rate me
How good do i look from 1-10 (1-ugly / 10-HoTT)
[ ] 1
[ ] 2
[ ] 3
[ ] 4
[ ] 5
[ ] 6
[ ] 7
[ ] 8
[ ] 9
[ ] 10

Would you rather..
[ ] Do me
[ ] Date me

Would you rather be on top or bottom?
[ ] Top
[ ] Bottom

Would you be sad if I moved?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No

Would you come visit me?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No

Am I..
[ ] Hott
[ ] Slick
[ ] Sexy
[ ] Cute

Would you rather..
[ ] Makeout
[ ] Cuddle
[ ] ****
[ ] Kiss

Would you give me your number?
[ ] Yes ( - - ) <-----leave ya numba
[ ] No

Are you going to repost this so I can answer for YOU?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No
Jan 15 2010 3:06PM
just p quiz
1. I love... luke
2. Right now I want... luke
3. I feel like...kissing luke
4. I hate it when... i get pissed off
5. I fear... ants no lie somethinng happend to me when i was 11
6. I'm lonely without... luke
7. I need... pop
8. Today I... im going to the movies yay
9. Tomorrow I'm... chillaxin
10. I just... hate guys asking to cyber when i with someone
11. I want to meet... .matt hardy
12. I'm hungry for... chesse which is a lot time and wried
13. I love it when... luke kisses me
14. I'm afraid of... getting hurt
15. I'm listening to... nonthing at the moment
16. I'm wearing... clothes duh
17. I wish I was in... ny
18. I'm craving... blood
19. I want to get... tattoo
20. I can't... live without wwe
21. I can... fight really well
22. I have... a hurt neck
23. I haven't... wrote a song in months
24. I'm nervous to... talk to anyone but luke
25. My Mom thinks I'm...cute ,funny,cool
26. My Dad thinks I'm... wired,cant make a joke
27. I think... i might wirte today
28. I'm happy when... im with luke
29. I'm sad when... i cry over my cuzin ****
30. I like eating... nonthing i just ate
31. I hate eating... nonthing
32. I love watching... wwe
33. I love listening to... rock
34. I like playing... games
35. I hate waking up to... my dad saying get up
36. I can see... ghost no lie
37. I'm glad that... im not alone in life
38. I'm disappointed that... my cuzin is dating my ex brother
39. I look like... lita/ariel/daffeny and my mom
40. I wish I looked like... kelly kelly so good looking
Jan 15 2010 2:54PM
my turns on me on luke gets to do haha


Is shorter then you: off
Taller then you: on

Wears a grill: OFF

Dresses Gangsta: ON

Dresses Preppy: OFF

Dresses Skater: ON

Dresses Athletic: on

Dresses Gothic: ON

Has green eyes: ON

Has brown eyes: ON

Has hazel eyes: ON

Has blue eyes: ON

Smokes cigarettes: DC

Smokes weed: off

Drinks alcohol: on

Plays sports: DC

Can skate: DC

Writes lyrics: ON

Smiles a lot: ON

Has bad manners in front of you: DC

Has blonde hair: ON

Has brown hair: ON

Has black hair: ON

Has red hair: off

Has spikey hair: ON

Has no hair: OFF

Has long hair: ON

Has curly hair: ON

Has wavey-ish hair: ON

Good dancer: ON

Wears jewelry: off

Piercings: ON

Muscles: on

Six pack: on

Laid back: ON

Plays guitar: ON

Raps: on

Can draw: ON

Has a lip ring: ON

Has a tongue ring: off

Nipples pierced: off way off

Hugs you: ON

Hugs from behind: off freaks me out

Creative: ON

Calls you just to hear your voice: ON

Goes to church: DC

Cusses alot: DC

Is funny: ON

Kisses you out of no where: ON
Jan 14 2010 2:43PM
i luv luke
with all my heart thanks to my yt sis who set us and its also her brother maybe some day i'll be her sister-in-law it would be so awsome having my best friend as my family i really think im falling in love with the right guy for onece and hes also very sexy and very sweet man im lukcy i have luke
Jan 7 2010 10:28PM
Head -
Nose -
Lips - luke
Hair -
Eyes -
v -luke
Heart -luke
Smile -
Tummy -
whole body-luke
Jan 7 2010 1:08AM
and im sick with flu i need some sleep
Jan 7 2010 12:20AM
im no fake
to death of hell i am a goth and dvil with in a vampire my heart pure evil and i am goth and no fake wannab es who are goth for the heart first then the outside you'll burn in hell with me fake i am the most evil goth you'll ever meet but im a sweet one and im no cutie im a goth with a passion for blodd and human flesh is that goth enough for you i sin with more evil people then you ur not right to be know here calling a real goth fakes s.i.n with me dvils holder
Jan 6 2010 10:29PM
im single
what so hang or go out
Dec 31 2009 10:29PM
im over my ex
i got my dream guy


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wearwolf king
Apr 26 2010 9:23PM

Dec 31 2009 12:32PM

Heyy nuthin much. happy new year!!

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