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with my best friend kiki, United States
About Me:
hiya i am the real Jessi Rose...All others are fakes!! I am the only one! i love dancing and taking pictures!! Bisexual
dont have any

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Aug 15 2009 5:41AM
about me!
hi i am jessi rose

i am 5'2
14 years old
i have black hair
mssage me!


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Oct 1 2009 11:58AM

And jessi's hair isn't black b!tch
Aug 30 2009 3:53AM

wtf?! dont make ppl thing Jessi Rose is bi...bc i am nnot....wtf r u thinking b****
Aug 24 2009 1:21PM

Oh and one moret thing.....Jessi Rose {the real one} isnt bisexual
Aug 19 2009 8:26PM

Wtf! is your problem!?
your a whore!
Aug 19 2009 6:37AM

mk i am sory but cn u just stop faking me please
Aug 19 2009 6:35AM

u ****ing b**** i hope u ****ing burn in ****ing hell....dont call me a fake
Aug 19 2009 6:33AM

excuse me miss fake lady can u stop calling me a fake when ur the one who is faking me...thank u...dumb ass ****ing **** b****
Aug 19 2009 5:45AM

Oh and if any one of you people she calls 'friends" shes a fake jessis real account if you want to talk to her is
MeanGirls202 or xxJessixRosexx
Aug 19 2009 5:32AM

I cant beleive this!
Jessi rose is my ****ing real life best friend!
how the ****ing hell are you trying to ****ing fake her!?
its just sad really.
I called her and shes pissed.
watch out b****

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