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Jun 13 2010 3:44PM
New account;;
Jun 13 2010 3:34PM
k, Thanks.
Making a new account! I'll Post it up when I'm done.
Jun 13 2010 2:44AM
So, this is life.
You let me fall. You just flat out left.
I don't even care anymore.
May 30 2010 7:59PM
Alex; I Haven't Know You That Long.
But; We've Gotten To Be Great Freinds<3
Your Beautiful,Amazing, Really Cool & Just Plain Awesomee!!<3
I Lovee Youu<33
Jasmine Mariee<33
May 29 2010 3:33PM
[[: <33
Alex;; I Just Met You, But I Know We're Going To Be Great Friends<3
You're Gorgeous, Beautiful, Smart, & Funny.
I Fuucking Love You, I'm Sure We Will Have A Great Friendship.
You Just Made My Day By Talking To Youu. [[:
I Hope This Will Be Forever Bestfriend[[: <33
May 29 2010 1:09PM
Baby you're gorgeous. I love you so much. No matter what, I can always trust you. You've been there for me since the start. I promise, I'll never let you go! You're my best friend, never forget that! You're going to be mine foreverrr! [[:<3
You're a veryyy special person, always remember that hun<33 You mean the worldd to me! I'll never let anyone hurt you!
I love you more than life it's self, Alex<3333
May 11 2010 12:42AM
Smile While You Have The Chance.<3
My Name Is Alexandra.
I'm A Pretty Happy Person,
I Don't Dwell On Things.
I'm Straight. I Am NOT Emo,Scene, or Goth.
And If You Say You Are, Chances Are You Are Not.
I'm Easily Annoyed, And I Say The Truth.
I Say How I Feel.
And If You Don't Like It, It's Quite Okay With Me.
I Have No Extra Time To Listen To All Your Fake Emo
Sh.it, I Don't Wanna Hear About How You're Going To "Kill Yourself".
Fakes Are Nothing But Wanna-Be's.
Putting X's In Your Name Doesn't Make You Emo,
Saying You Are Emo, Doesn't Make You Emo.
Anyways, I Am Currently Single,
And I'm Sorta Keeping It That Way For A While.
My Life Is A Rollercoaster,
Many Loops,Ups, Downs, Drops, And Heights.
But No Matter What, I'll Always Pull Through.
I'm Strong. I Don't Let Stupid Things Bring
Me Down.
My World Revolves Around: Music,Boys,Clothes,Friends,Skating,School,Parties,And Sports.♥
So, What Do You Say?;;
Hit Me Up?
You Might Actually Like Me.


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Jun 13 2010 12:17PM

Alexx Lovee!! :)
I Loviee You :D <3
Jasmine Mariee <3
BranBran :D
Jun 13 2010 8:22AM

Heyy^^ -pokes-
May 29 2010 3:54PM

Hey Alex!!!
xMarissaMarie. ♥
May 29 2010 3:36PM

Yay; Alex Is My New Bestfriend [[[:
I Love You Dear<3
May 28 2010 9:03PM

Dear Alexxx,
You're gorgoues, beautiful, smart, and funny<333 I love you with all my heart. You're one of the most amazing people ever. Never change. And don't take shiiiit from anyone(: <3
I love you gorgeous<3

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