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Jul 26 2008 6:00PM
any i really look like a girl
the picture r to small to see that
Jul 26 2008 5:59PM
do i look like a boy yes or no
plz send me a message
Jul 18 2008 4:46PM
hey that me in the picture
my newest pic
Jun 23 2008 11:21AM
guys and bi chicks im single
if u want to date me just message me and thats not me in the pic
Jun 23 2008 9:47AM
hey whats up
my dog is so cute she got her dog tags yesterday
Jun 16 2008 7:49PM
all the haters who dont like me
**** u and i dont want ur **** i get a biker gang after u
Jun 16 2008 5:09PM
im making a poll of ur fave wwe superstar
ok a jeff harsy b batisa c candicdice michelle d matt hardy e hbk f triple h g ashley i count ur votes on my b-day nov 27
Jun 16 2008 2:14PM
i wont be here on the july 3,4,5
on going to geauga lake and wildwater kingdom we well be there for three days with my mom and dad babe love u
Jun 9 2008 8:55PM
my gf is hott
hey sexy
Jun 8 2008 2:48PM
i love my bf
hes hott sweet and loves me i love him


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Jan 22 2009 6:59PM

hey hows it going
Dec 20 2008 8:27AM

hey its me hbk
Sep 20 2008 4:54PM

its ok
Sep 20 2008 4:53PM

its ok
Jul 23 2008 1:32PM

sup ur cooleoo
Jul 9 2008 4:59PM

WEE is the bomb.
the hulk
Jun 29 2008 1:46PM

wwe rocks
Jun 23 2008 11:10PM

hey give me your myspace adres and i will add you to my adres list.
Jun 23 2008 5:16PM

hey juzz stoppin by to show ur page some love....return da comment bakk :)
Jun 23 2008 1:20PM

cool picture
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