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The City That Never Sleeps, United States
About Me:
Hello there I'm Eddie Roberts. Some of you may remember who I am and some of you may not. It's been a long time since we have talk so if you want to send me a message so we can catch up.

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Dec 7 2012 11:40PM
I haven't been here in ages I just found my password and email fo this.
Jan 5 2012 7:07PM
Just Wanted To Say~
This Person Is The Most Fuc.king Amazing Guy I Have Ever Met. He Is The Kindest Most Caring Guy To Ever Walk This Planet.
I Just Wanted To Say That I Love You Like A Brother Eddie, You Have Proved To Me That Through Tough Times And Good That Two People Can Stick Together No Matter What Happens.

I Couldn't Get More Close To You, Even If I Tried, You Are My Best Friend.

I Just Wanted You To Know That Never Let Anyone Get You Down, Keep Your Head High And Never Forget That Haters Are Haters.

I Don't Know What More To Say Than That I Hope Your Be Happy Forever.

Jan 4 2012 12:14PM
~Whatever Happens I'll Still Be Here For You
~We Have Had Our Fights But That Means Nothing.
~Your My Best Friend, Always Will Be.
~You Are Always Here For Me When I Need Someone To Talk To.
~You Help Me With Everything You Can.
~You Make Me Laugh When I'm Upset.
~You Have The Best Personalty And All Round Are So Kind To People.
~I Wish I Could Come See You.
~Even Thou I Can Be A Pain In The Bum Your Still Here Even When I Pushed You Away.
~Your So Caring Towards Other Even When They Aren't To You.
~You Accepted The Old Me, The Troublesome Me, The Mean And Bit.chy Me, And The Normal Me.
~You Never Fail To Surprise Me.

I Will Always Care, Support, Love And Overall Respect You Forever.

Dec 1 2011 11:05AM
Why Yes, Yes I Am <3
I'm A Barbie Girl! In The Barbie World!
Life In Plastic! It's Fantastic!
You Can Brush My Hair! Undress Me Everywhere!
Imagination! Life Is Your Creation!



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Nov 30 2011 2:04PM


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