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um...i LOVE the legend of zelda...
no website :(

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Oct 9 2010 10:51AM
new avatar
im changin' my avatar again... im bored of it and im starting to like hl2 more... well im on and off. i sometimes like it more.
Oct 9 2010 10:49AM
impossible quiz
yay! on the impossible quiz i finally got to the epic ten (the last ten questions). my record is now question 102 (out of 110) whats ur record?
Aug 16 2010 12:50AM
So Sad
its almost the end of summer vacation for me. but i kinda do wanna go back to school to see my friends. im sad though because yesterday morning my dog died at the vet. she had been sick for about a week. there was something wrong with her lungs and also she probably had leptos perosis. i dont think i spelled it right at all but wutev. but yeah when she was asleep she just stopped breathing. rest in peace shiloh
Jun 28 2010 3:40PM
If Hannah Montana said that suicide was cool
then 98% of our American population would suddenly die off
if you are in the 2% that would be rolling on your floor laughing
post this to your blog
Jun 13 2010 1:42PM
Summer Vacation!!
It's another summer vacation!! Today's the second day of it... Sunday!!!! I'm so happy!!!!
Nov 14 2009 12:08PM
have you ever seen this?
have you ever seen what is on my avatar if so then send me a message saying yes you have seen it before
Jul 29 2009 7:13PM
blue skull!!!
i just had to change my avatar again
Jul 25 2009 6:15PM
Im home!!
i got back from santa cruz last night i was gone for 3 days but now im back
Jul 19 2009 12:36PM
i got a new avatar its a bunny!!!
Jun 16 2009 3:16PM
man im barely coming on here anymore im gonna start going on more again from now on


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Oct 24 2009 6:54PM

first commet woot woot
:) B)

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