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A huge talent of mine is Blocking Bitches ;) I like Pewdiepie. BROFIST! if you don't like me, Then BooHoo get over yourself ^_^

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Mar 30 2014 3:23PM
yeah um?
so i got hacked awhile a go and there deletin my profile and it mades me soo mad. ugh!! not cool guys who ever did this i will fin you and cockslap u in ur gut):<
Mar 4 2014 6:26PM
and i forgot to mension
im still really high i think and i started getting horny again but alex is here so we cant even have sex right now so i just went back in my grandmas room while she wasnt looking and i sat on her pillow and started masturbating. i want donna to hate her ****ing life for what she puts me through so i squirted all over her pillow. cant wait till she sleeps on it tonight,, xp
Mar 4 2014 6:25PM
ummm omfg?
so you remember how i was telling you guys about the drug dealer who is living at our house because my brother? well like i was starting to be in a super excited mood because even if it was embarassing me and my boyfriend alex did a lot of sexy stuff but then alex left for a while and this drug dealer comes in my room and askks me if i want to smoke wit him? so i ****ing did. i smoked sooo much i started seein weird **** like i saw my donna my grandma have an afro and she was riding a hippo and i couldnt stop laughing but she got mad at me.

whatever im so ****ing sick of this ****. im gonna smoke weed and drink everyday because i hate this life and all my memmorys are sad. and i want my grandma to blame herself forever.


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Mar 4 2014 6:24PM

Popping your comment cherry :3

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