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fuck you fuck me now come on everybody go fuck a tree.

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Feb 8 2011 9:36PM
have people on here text me telling me not to be a douche. uhmm **** that. i'd rather be a douche.
Jan 7 2011 5:33PM
new pics on playlist i think i might use it more again
check it outtt links up there ^^^^^^^^^^
Nov 16 2010 10:43PM
i also got an explanation
my doc comes in after we found out about my collar bone.
turns out when you have more breaks, your brain produces more of the chemical that repairs bone marrow.
because i had so many breaks it was working on overload.
and i guess my body has the ability to withstand the overload and create a ****load at a time.
docs took test on my blood.
idek what they called it but thats how im getting better so fast.
Nov 16 2010 10:40PM
i can walk.
i can finally ****ing walk.
i can't believe it.
docs cant.
mom cant.
people at school cant.
i can walk.
i can mutha ****in walk.
now i just need my arm to heal.
and i can get back into rehab.
then training.
only a month or two tops for rehab on my arms.
then i got a year of training in the gym.
Oct 28 2010 5:08PM
docs say ill be able to start walking soon
they say after my collarbone heals in like a month month and a half i can start rehab finally.
the xrays were creeping me out. im healing faster than they ever expected. i guess its good tho.
Oct 27 2010 5:23PM
im out of most of my casts.
i still have to keep the one for my collar bone on and sit in a wheel chair. but other than that i can function.
docs said my recovery was amazing. they dont know how. xrays show perfectly healed bones tho. its kinda crazy.
another apptment tomorrow. wonder whats gonna happen this time.
well someone hit me up idrc its w/e
Oct 5 2010 4:38PM
Its been about two months now
im still in a wheelchair. the only really good things that have happened are my arm healed really fast and i just found out today my second rib is healed.(four more to goo wooooohoooo!) my body cast got cut lower. my leg is still kinda ****ed up thoo. It got shattered! Well, the pain in my ribs is going away, Ima be happily walking by next June. They say if my ribs all heal this fast it might be sooner! WHOOP!
Sep 5 2010 10:56AM
so i just got home from the hospital again. and they took off the arm part of my cast. turns out it was never broken it cracked and it healed really good. i still have a body cast on thoo. i cant wait to get it off and take like 7 showers in a row.
Aug 29 2010 8:09PM
before i start hearing **** for it
yes i did be a **** to shayla today earlier this morning. yes i am admitting. this is the first time i have ever been one. why you may ask? bc im sick of it. she can say she loves me all she wants. but with her going to kaelin as fast as she did she can **** off. she moved on that fast i think i should too. so yea i dont wanna hear **** from anyone. ive heard it before the only difference is it was me this time.
Aug 28 2010 8:22PM
can i say it yet?
people need to go fall in a hole **** themselves and die. plain and simple.


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Apr 2 2012 11:17PM

hiiiiii, i loooovveeeeeeeee youuuu. wish you would get on to read these. lalalala ~~~
Dec 24 2011 11:51AM

love you still. today, tomorrow, next month, next year. miss you, bunches.
Sep 25 2011 6:09PM

fat asshole should get his fat ass on.
Jan 18 2011 7:12PM

it's been forever.
i wanna say i'm sorry. and, i miss you more than you could ever imagine.
Dec 20 2010 1:10PM

zach you're still my bestfriend.(: kay?
Oct 8 2010 6:43PM

Pfffttt D:
excuses excuses [;
naww just kiddingg, message me when you can kiddd (:
Oct 6 2010 8:10PM

You Never chit chat it up with me anymore! o:
Love you.
Oct 4 2010 10:14PM

i have no reason for this shiiity fucckhole.
im tash && you know it!
Sep 19 2010 9:46PM

yess. i keep SPECIAL commenttts._.
if you did not notice mr. smart fuccker >:0
Sep 18 2010 1:06PM

whateverrr, girlfrannn.
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