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cleveland, United States
About Me:
well im loving life.im black and all the girls say i got some sexy lips and stuff like that. im not perfect but im good enough to be yo friend. im also a beast. and you cant blame me if i set this thang on fire.im the one u wanna b friendz wit.

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Feb 11 2009 6:10PM
man I can't live like this man . I want to ask u a question. am I ugly? send me a message telling me wat u think
Feb 10 2009 7:42PM
man I got girl troubles. I just need some real help with this probably a lot of help with my love life
Feb 6 2009 8:02PM
i just got lied to big time
Feb 3 2009 6:04PM
not cool
man at this point I feel not cool. I hate feburary. it all started on feburary 1st 2009. if u want to hear the whole story just hit me up.
Jan 29 2009 5:50PM
in lov
I think its two girls I can fall in luv wit. my ex girlfriend and this other girl . I was in love with my ex for real. we kept on breaking up and getting back together like ten times. I want her back know, but its still the other girl I like. wat should I do, idk im real confused right now
Jan 16 2009 9:21PM
wat it do
u wanna be friendz. just message ya boy
Jan 15 2009 4:00PM
just hit me up if u want to have a conversation
Jan 14 2009 8:20PM
so badd
man im lke the coolest nigga around man . but i just be getting in trouble too much . i play around too much. my grades might be good but i just got 2 entertain niggaz like im the class clown. i gotta stop. someone help me b4 i get in some serious trouble
Jan 10 2009 11:04AM
Chilling @ da house
im just bored doin nothing at home. im ready to get my swag on and get up out this house man I been cooped up like pegens in a cage. my swag is official and I gots to shine outside the house. but for now im at the house chillin so message me.
Jan 9 2009 11:38PM
i got issues
ok. man im just real mad at this world. why can't I find a decent girl I can keep over for at least a month . I don't want to end up like a lonely person. im not ugly its just my decisions I make with the girls I choose. I want to chill down and get a real girl. if you looking for a boyfriend and you from clevelsnd , im the man


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Mar 16 2009 6:20PM

lol its ok
Mar 11 2009 12:06AM

showin some l.o.v.e bacc
Mar 8 2009 7:22PM

yea i do but i got to tell u sumthin
Mar 7 2009 3:36PM

im sayin tht ill always like u but i like sumone else too
*sweat and sour*
Feb 13 2009 8:51PM

Just shown sum luv back to yo page. I wanna hear da rest of the story to ya luv problem........MSG me!!! l8terZ
Feb 12 2009 7:57PM

Thanks for the love showing some back to ya page =)
Feb 11 2009 5:44PM

omg wat now?
Feb 10 2009 7:20PM

so u still mad?
Feb 7 2009 9:34AM

omg i didnt lie to you
Feb 6 2009 9:53PM

i didnt lie to you.
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