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I'm single, no longer emo.
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Jun 26 2011 5:50PM
everything seemed better when i wasn't on. here's my news.
LULU, i broke up with you.
sammie, i'll talk to you by email. maybe....
basically, i'm leaving. :)
Jun 21 2011 2:01AM
was at braydens ALL damn day. lol.
i can now play beast and the harlot (avenged sevenfold) PERFECTLY on the drums. >:D
Jun 19 2011 8:05PM
Whenever i log on to this place, suicidal thoughts swarm through me. even if i was happy before.
Jun 19 2011 5:16AM
if i kill myself, i could like.... watch over my family and stuff from above.... could watch over Sammie, lulu, all those people. :) and i wouldn't have to deal with pain of a broken heart any longer. plus, i.... i would be with bill.......
I'd be with my uncle, cory, and some other people that i was close to. I'd even be with..... the girl i drove to suicide.... i wonder how that would work out..... :s

And killing myself would take me out of boredom. just the feeling of the knife on the bottom of my arm...
Jun 19 2011 5:03AM
I'm a ****in' douchebag.
might as well end it, since everything and everyone i had is gone....
Jun 19 2011 5:01AM
i haven't really talked to anybody in a while
hey people. i got an idea for you.
Jun 19 2011 4:58AM
it's a lie! kissed me with open eyes
but she's not breathing back!
anything can bother me! (takes my pain away)

Does anybody else know this song? :)
Jun 19 2011 4:55AM
too much drama. i need somebody..... that isn't a liar.
Jun 18 2011 11:27PM
you said you wanted to take back your request to go out with me? How about i take away a chance for you to ever talk to me again??

If i wasn't falling for somebody else, i would have killed myself by now.
Ugh. so epically.... I don't know....
Jun 18 2011 11:17PM

this band makes me wanna slit my wrists again.
their music is depressing to me.


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Oct 2 2011 10:17PM

I meN b****
Oct 2 2011 10:15PM

Hey lulu ur a bith soooo get lot hes my bf now sO get lost
lulu lov u
Jun 21 2011 9:21PM

i miss u D:
lulu lov u
Jun 19 2011 7:29PM

i will say it i do love u i alwayz had i still lov u but i love khroxas 2 and im not mad ok my dog died tht day ok :(
lulu lov u
Jun 18 2011 11:17AM

marys my cuz u know nana she hacks my pro a lot ok but i do love u and u know what i would like to start over but i cant
lulu lov u
Jun 17 2011 8:51PM

+ i told u my mom was gone 4 a year u could of said sumthan sayin o like can we go out u were 2 late yes im a vamp but i lizzie not mary u dumb ass
lulu lov u
Jun 17 2011 8:49PM

... it wasz a big mistake
lulu lov u
Jun 17 2011 8:49PM

idk y i ever asked u out
lulu lov u
Jun 16 2011 6:17PM

lulu lov u
Jun 10 2011 1:40PM

..... hate meh i dont kare but i made a big mistake my life is over mabye idk
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