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im shawnee **dont dis the name** i like to party im super random im emo and i mostly date emo boys i cut myself got a problem with it then fuck off and i love txting get to know me and i might give you the digits my favorite band is hollywood undead

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Jul 7 2010 12:09PM
im so fu**in tired of these mother fu**s actin like im the dirt under there feet!! that ***** ass b**** better watch what she says bout me or else she is gonna get a mouthful of my fist.
Jun 17 2010 11:47PM
love it
1. YOUR REAL NAME: Shawnee
2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (first 3 letters of real name plus izzle.): Shazizzle
3. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color and favorite animal.): Blue Tiger
4. YOUR SUPERHERO/CRIMINAL NAME: (Your 2nd favorite color, and favorite drink): Black Dr.Pepper
5. GOTH NAME: (black, and the name of one of your pets): Black Fang
Jun 17 2010 7:00PM
does anybody else listen to hollywood undead?? if so whats your favorite song by them??
May 12 2010 11:07AM
ok so my parents found out i cut myself and now they are yelling at me and i just wanna punch my mom in the face anyone have the same problem and want to give advise? well just send it in a message
May 9 2010 12:53PM
MARRY ME 4 A WEEK WHO EVER sends a message back saying "i do" is ur husband/wife its just 4 FUN! so dont trip! lets c how many ppl will marry me 4 fun!!!
May 7 2010 3:16PM
you broke my heart so i could cut myself with the edges : (
May 7 2010 1:20PM
ugh!! im like really bored so someone message me!! lol


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