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i have a twin sis and i i like music

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Jan 14 2010 3:24PM
moving on
i want these words to be about your eyes
but i am drown to write about your heart
oh, how it continues to still disgise
the love that used to be mine from the start

how can i find you beautiful but cold
why has the wormth from your heart so
the end of this begining was four told
i held on, now i have to let go

i'm not the only one with love to lose
there have lost a lot more in the past

the awnser is frount of me to chose
i will invesd in friendship that will last

you will move on,and now so must do i
this is beautiful and fair goodbye.......
Jan 12 2010 3:25PM
forgive me
To the ends of time i will love you my friend
Knowing that your gone leaves me a bend

An angles to me you were so kind
Rainsing my sprits with ways i can not find

I crossed a line which i know not fit
now each day i die a little bit

Anempty void replaces what i feel
gorwing sadden and sadder will i ever heal

From the felling of love i felt for a friend
Nov 4 2009 3:21PM
dont stop... P.U.S.H.


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