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austin, United States
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i love sports have a brother ana a sister(they are pains in the but) and enjoy company.

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Jul 6 2009 7:23PM
run 4 ur life
ahh i'm running from a crazy person that's looking 2 sell me some steroids so i can be a crackhead like him.
dangit he has 2 more friends looks like i have 2 run in that supermarket right there and try 2 get some help. blast it who leaves the door wide open and nobody's in there. man the crackheads are catching up 2 me looks like i have 2 go in. here they r what do i do.

grab a glass bottle and start throwing it at them.
go jackie chan on them
grab ur cellphone and call ur friends and tell em bye
tell me ur answer send me a message
Jul 4 2009 8:37PM
am i crazy
am i crazy if i run around without any clothes on
yes or no
tell me if i am by messaging me
Jul 3 2009 6:03PM
what's up
what's up everybody if ur on mostfungames and i'm looking for some people 2 talk 2 so look me up and we can talk.


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