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i like skateboardin and also think Drake sux lol. my name is dumar it sound wierd but its cool if u fuck it up and i run track :) If u wanna know more bout me hmu!

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Aug 6 2012 3:22AM
well myt mission was complete :D i made a frend n i really like her she's kool ;) shout out to tayamay1000 :D n i helped another frend with her problem :) shout out to Lorena Loves U too :) n finna go to sleep so shout out to my pillow n bed ;) nite MFG :D
Aug 5 2012 11:52PM
tryna get sum new frends on here cuz the old ones suck! :P
Jun 16 2012 10:03PM
bored :/
sumbody hmu... my inbox too dry
May 13 2012 3:30PM
im single -lil wayne
for everyone to know... at the moment... im single but im thinking about someone special... she knows who she is ;)
May 13 2012 3:35AM
can a nigaa find a good movie??
May 11 2012 11:34PM
I MAKE HER >>>>>>>>>> :D <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
May 10 2012 11:20PM
hmmmm it seems like i know a clingy psycho who wont leave me alone PT.2
Apparently im also a jerk and im in love with someone that i dont know... Actually im not in love with anyone at the moment *hint my relationship status at the moment* second of all doesnt Mecca have a post about her loving some guy and she jus got out of a relationship with sum other guy?? wowww sad... lastly im not a jerk cuz if i was... then y did u date me a week ago and called me hella names... cursed me out.. and completely acted like an asshole and i did nothing back.. I DIDNT EVEN TEXT BACK..... Seems like im proven NOT GUILTY
May 10 2012 11:15PM
hmmmm it seems like i know a clingy psycho who wont leave me alone
So... the only reason y im making this is cuz this girl named Mecca is trying to ruin my life... I wont let her get to me.... so to be honest ima jus ignore her and answer and debunk everything she said in her blog... So apparently im a liar, a cheater, and a bunch of other stuff... I never lie.. if i have something mean to say about u.. then ill come straight out n say it... I dont need to sugar coat anything... i also dont lie *cough* except to my parents occasionally *cough cough* lol n wat is it that i want?? well apparently from my previous blogs... all i want is love and im trying to find that but Mecce aka meme921 (i think thats her username) *shrugs* who cares?? Anyways.. MEcca keeps trying to break up my relationships with people and lastly i didnt tell anyone to kill themselves or cut their wrists... and actually if theres a way that i can show everyone the texts u will see that I actually told her not to cut her wrists and to go to the hospital... ohh and P.S. I did <---past tense... love u... but not anymore... CASE CLOSED
May 10 2012 10:59PM
culd never stand her up
I got on cuz i really like this new girl n i gotta be good ;)
May 9 2012 6:55PM
can i jus have 1 good relationship?? is that too much for a man to ask for?? :'(


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Alyson (:
Aug 7 2012 8:50PM

Happy birthday! andd thanks(:
Mz. Bossy
May 12 2012 6:48PM

thank u for calling my cuzin a cheater ppl r callling her a hoe, a skank, saying she should be a shamed of her self, n telling her to kill her self for wht she didnt do
Apr 25 2012 8:31PM

Hey you. :)
Mz. Bossy
Apr 25 2012 2:09AM


yo amo a mi hombre que es el unico para mi te queiro <3
Mz. Bossy
Apr 25 2012 1:13AM

i love you so much im glade ur mine ur most funnyest,sweetest guy i knw <3
Mz. Bossy
Apr 24 2012 10:47PM

Feb 5 2012 10:43AM

Heeey :)
May 5 2011 11:48PM

May 4 2011 10:52PM

hey hey whos the girl that your trying to see if she likes you back ima get you two together (if shes on here) well just wanted to say i wuv you kid answer back bye
Mar 18 2011 12:50PM

Get the **** outta ur ass
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