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my name letoya i am nice but when u make me mad i kan b the most hateful bitch u will ever met butl i luvvvvvv money ova everthing

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Sep 11 2010 4:25PM
all day
luving myself
Sep 11 2010 4:24PM
i hate
i really hate b****ez dat hate u cuz yo mama so ****in g pretty dam
Sep 10 2010 9:28PM
can i get that that remy can i get that coka can i get that henney can i get that margarita on the rock rock rock can i get salt all around the rim rim rim trey i all waz like you trey do u like u can get me a bottle of rose ok lets get im witha bad b**** his with a friend i dnt say hey i say keyz to the benzy keyz the keyz the benyz mother****er right keyz to the benzy if a b**** try to get cute im step ha throw alot of money then yell **** her **** her **** her then im go and get my louisville slugger exuse me im sorry im rall such a lady i rap young money u known slim babe we be doning dontonutt why we waving the 380 give alot of money to the baybesin hati 'yall all around the round do u hear me do u like my body nd a nicki


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