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I am famous on youtube! Check out Mrmochma on youtube and look at my videos. Please subscribe. And Thankyou Jesus for the wonderful days I've had. Please believe in Jesus.

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Aug 28 2009 12:56AM
If you believe in Jesus Christ put this in your profile. DON'T JUST IGNORE THIS BECAUSE IN THE BIBLE it says if you deny Him, He will deny you in front of His Father in the Gates of Heaven. This is the simplest test: If you love God and you are not ashamed of it, copy this and put it in your profile. God will smile at you

I found this on a friends profile. I love Jesus. That's why I put this on here
Jul 26 2009 2:26PM
Go to

Its my favorite website EVER!

You can create your own game ( MADE OF LEGOS! ) and play it by yourslf or with the world!

You can make a war game , a park , hide and seek , escape game , slave game , anything you want!

You can even create your own lego person! You can buy his/her clothes, or even make it!

And you can get tickets and robucks to buy stuff, and for tickets, you can even sell your clothes!
Jul 26 2009 2:23PM
On you can play these games that are REALLY addictive!

You can buy things with coins you win by winning the games.

And every game is Multi-Player!

Its so fun! Check it out!
Feb 3 2008 12:19AM
hey people check out its got some funny videos. these videos are so funny they will blow your mind off! there is also games and pictures so check it out!!!
Jul 22 2007 8:58AM
a stickmans wait
look here is a tip for those stickman lovers: if it takes a long time to load,its worth the wait on a stickman game.
Jul 21 2007 3:40PM
check out it got awasome games! so check it out!
Jul 21 2007 1:08PM
check out clubpenguin. com waddle around and meet new friends and play alot of mini games and more!to be a member its 10 dollars to be a member for a year its 60 check it out!
Jul 21 2007 10:56AM
check out make sure games have a z at the end instead of an s.there is over 3000 games.there is so many games you dont know what to play check it out!
Jul 20 2007 11:29PM
check out is a free online game to play,with monster to kill,quest to do,and you make your own person and more!to be a member its 5 dollars a month.
Jul 20 2007 11:00PM
u love stickmen gamez, and movies? well....buckle up and get ready for some awasome movies of stickmen action! trust me on this "STICKMEN GAMES AND MOVIES RULE!"


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