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well, duh! where do you thinkz?, United States
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i like zelda, mario party, and sonic. i love to read and am pretty fast at it. i luv listening to music and playing it. i play guitar. i like rock and roll.

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Jun 14 2010 9:39AM
catching up
hello. haven't been on here for ****ing ever.
Mar 13 2010 2:20PM
i is beast
i own u
Mar 13 2010 2:19PM
i am awesome
i am happy. i can crush u all
Jan 24 2010 9:49AM
i LOVE doing these
absentminded? yes
bored? yes
cute? no
dirty (NOT on outside of body)? ya
emo? yes
feisty? yes
good (behavior wise)? no
heavy? only a wee bit
interesting? absolutely not
jolly? no
kind? not really
lazy? ya kinda
maniac? seriously?
naive? no
OCD? ya
puny? naw
quick? yes
raging? sometimes
subtle? well...
thrifty? i guess so
understood? absolutely not.
valorous? no
wastrel? yes
x-rays? i've had a few
young? ya
zonked (tired)? very. i am an insomniac.
Oct 17 2009 8:52PM
adelita's way
i LURRVE them.
Oct 17 2009 8:46PM
achoo 2
i have a stuffy nose
Jul 22 2009 6:15PM
tiger tiger
an okay band that i saw at the drive invasion
Jul 22 2009 6:15PM
three days grace
best band in the world!!!! well, best FAMOUSE band in the world.
Jul 20 2009 8:42PM
right here at the computer snoring away.
Jul 20 2009 8:41PM
i think i'll go to sleep right here.


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Dec 11 2008 6:36PM

me to
Nov 16 2008 1:12PM

hey,how you doing?
Jun 28 2008 7:17PM

hope u hav fun with ur new puppy
Jun 22 2008 4:01PM

hey comment bak...
Jun 15 2008 10:56PM

Leavin ya another comment even thought I already left you the first comment!!!
Jun 15 2008 1:09PM

Hey what up???I left you a comment
Jun 14 2008 8:16PM

hey gurl comment me
Jun 9 2008 8:32PM

ya im on nd i like u as a friend
Jun 9 2008 6:43PM

dude ya dont have many comments showin sum luv comment back!!!!!!
Jun 1 2008 6:23PM

lol :P
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