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nebraska, United States
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I like 2 play video games and play with my freinds and play football im awesome at football i all so like 2 talk 2 freinds on my email

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Oct 21 2011 8:36PM
slam piece
ur just a slam piece nuttin else thats wat use whose r 4 aint u?
May 29 2011 1:48AM
hahaha me and my friends playing black ops and one kept getting killed with crossbow hahahaha
Jan 25 2010 10:21AM
Girl of my dreams
me: Hello girl:Hi me:Wats up Girl: nothin. well shes clueless that i like her i dont kno if i should ask her out
Apr 13 2009 9:34AM
█▄█ █▀█ ▀█▀
█▀█ █▄█ ♥█ Put this on your page if somebody told you that you were hot
Feb 12 2009 10:44PM
Waz up
Im fin bored add me yo
Oct 25 2008 12:25PM
its my b day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im 11 now o ya
Sep 21 2008 6:12PM
im ****ing bored
if u r a fun person and energized like me look at my page
Sep 9 2008 5:26PM
o ya
i got a girlfreind real life
Aug 13 2008 4:18PM
hey soldir boy can i ya b**** ya
Aug 8 2008 3:12PM
wats up peeps and people look at my page


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Sep 13 2008 1:33PM

Your Awsome
Sep 13 2008 9:17AM

I miss you
Jun 23 2008 10:35AM

She walked wearing a shirt that covered her chest, She wore bands and bracelets to cover the rest. She covered her legs, and she covered her neck. Underneath of the clothes she was a horrible wreck. She went home everyday to relieve all the stress. The scars are one reason for the modest dress. She cut and she cut and didnt wish to stop soon. She cut at seven o'clock, eight o'clock, and at noon. She slit once for her mom, and once for her dad. She slit once for the happiness that she never had. She may have cut once for you- 1cut & 2, old cuts & new.
Jun 21 2008 10:35AM

u rock

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