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moo im a sheep~, Canada
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Jun 28 2009 8:34PM
Lil Someone Who I Love
Well im me
nothing else
i love me
and someone else
no one knows
but my self

Jun 28 2009 8:24PM
For the people that ask me if im emo.. well no im not
just cuz i kinda look emo. dosen't mean i am.
so plz stop
May 6 2009 9:36PM
~ Just Friends? ~
i love you more every day my name i need for you to say, do you know how i feel? do you know this love is real? sometimes i wonder what you think when you hear my name do your cheeks turn pink?
do you think about me every night? wish to hug me and hold me tight?
i just don't know as what i should do..should i risk a friendship to confess to you?
or should i keep my feelings locked up? let them hide?
i just do know what i should do, my heart it akes , heart its sore...
so evern if we are friends i'll ALWAYS love you 'till the end.

by: Jasmine
for: Steven
Mar 28 2009 1:21AM
until the day i die i spill my heart for you.
a girl doesn't want to be called HOTT she wants to be called BEAUTIFUL.
it is only after we lose everything...that we are free to do anything..
please don't play with me my paper heart will bleed..
my head says let go but my hert says hold on..
every guy always asks me : ''WHAT DOES THAT GUY HAVE THAT I DON'T?" {my heart}
my heart is already borken..im just waiting for the thred to stitch it back together..
i tear my heart open..i sew myself shut..my weakness is that i cared too much..these scars remind me ,that the past is real..i tear my heart open just to feel...
you have one thing that no one els has....my heart...
and every day she looks into the mirror and sees the same broken heart...
my heart belongs to him...
a million words would not bring you back ,i know because i tried .. neither would a million tears ..i know because i 've cried....
the only person i truly cared for.... left me with a broken heart...
your the only one who makes me draw those stupid hearts on my paper...
so there's this guy who kinda has my heart..
Mar 24 2009 9:29PM
would you?
would you kiss me?
would you drink kool-aid with me?
would you make-out with me?
woud you wanna go out with me?
would you hit me?
would you love me?
would you go to the skate-park with me?
would you brake my heart?
would you add me as a friend?
if you read this plz give me a answer ....in my inbox .. :D thxx
Mar 24 2009 9:24PM
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) no
Mar 18 2009 1:58PM
LOVE: love starts with a smile that turns into a kiss and ends with a tear-drop.


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Mar 28 2009 1:33AM

WHO IN THE **** IS HE????????

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